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21 Day Squat Challenge with Lauren Brooks

  6th ANNUAL SQUAT CHALLENGE!!   Starting January 1st, 2021 #21daysofSquats by Lauren Brooks Look at me just browsing through my gallery of squat challenges! Every year for the past six years I have held a virtual squat challenge. (See, I was doing social distancing before it was even cool!) Believe it or not, this is the SIXTH year of the 21 Day Squat Challenge. If you are looking forward to a new year and a new booty, get ready to sign up for the 21 Day Squat Challenge.  It is free, as challenging as you can stand and includes 21 days of videos and TONS of encouragement. Knowing me, I will also have an AMAZING prize for one lucky participant in the squat challenge.  How does a year’s membership to Lauren’s Playground sound? If you're already a member, you'll get a credit!   Enticing, I’m sure! Squats are one of the most beneficial exercises to practice. Not only do squats make you stronger, burn more fat and give you that nice booty, but as we age we really need to practice s
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My C-section and the Winner of Week 2

That was me on the left with my first born in my belly 14 years ago. That’s me on the right 6 months later. I was scared shitless of giving birth and becoming a mom. I was devastated when I was told I needed to have a C-section and couldn’t have the natural child birth I envisioned. I literally did everything I could to avoid this invasive surgery. I knew it could ruin my chances of having a “normal”functioning core and yes I wanted my 6 pack back. I also knew there were many more risks with surgery. Small problems for some, but big to me at the time. I tried Moxibustion, laying upside down, singing, acupressure, acupuncture, and even an external version which was gnarly to get her to move out of the breech position. None of it worked! Despite having to go forward with my first Cesarean almost 14 years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Next week she turns 14! 😭 To make a long story short, smart movement kettlebell training saved me. I recovered very quickly, it w

Announcing the Winner of the First Weeks Squat Challenge

  Ladies and Gentlemen, as promised, I am going to announce this week's winner of a $50 Amazon Gift Card for standing out and being a consistent and encouraging poster of her #21daysofsquats journey.  The winner of this week's $50 Amazon Gift Card is....Wendy Wintersgill! Wendy is a 59 year old grandma, 9 years post cardiac surgery! Although Wendy does not have a kettlebell, she went up in weight this week with a giant bottle of vinegar! Now that is a 'do what it takes attitude,' don't you think?  I do believe we must also thank Wendy for starting the nightgown challenge, as she often completes her squats in her cute nightgown and fuzzy pink socks! Join me in congratulating Wendy! Wendy, you have been so consistent in your posting, so encouraging and so positive.  DM me where you would like me to send the Amazon Gift Card. One thing I have noticed in this challenge, which is more than I have even seen before, is resourcefulness.  Maybe it's being quarantined th

Goals and Dreams. Will 2021 be your year?

 “ You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ”  C.S. Lewis I LOVE listening to friends, family and clients when they are discussing their goals and dreams. Once it’s out in the open it feels more real. It also helps motivate me! These days it seems it’s almost taboo to discuss New Year's resolutions. Aren't New Year Resolutions just things you have been putting off for the whole year sometimes? I’m personally into goal setting every several months, but hey if you motivate yourself by waiting for a new year to start clean, more power to you! You have every right to set a goal and act upon it, no matter when you do it. Goals are anything that matters to you, whether it is to change something in your life, your health, fitness or body. Do you prefer setting goals alone or with others? For some, setting goals with others can be extremely scary. The fear of failure is real. Let’s be honest. Many don’t reach their goals. People start off full force, with the

Back to Basics - A Kettlebell Refinement Workshop

Get ready kettlebell lovers!    Back to Basics, a Kettlebell Refinement Workshop will be launching in February and you will not want to miss this!  Whether you are new to kettlebells or you have been training for a while, you both have something in common. Sometimes we start a new program but don't have the basic movements down, which can cause bad habits or blocks in training. On the other hand, some of us have been training for a while and might need some tweaking here and there in order to maximize our workouts and results.  Either way, this workshop will address both as it will focus on refining skills and patterns to get the most out of your workouts. I will take the guesswork out of your training and cover how to get faster results while being safe AND having fun!   That's it!  Safety! Fun! No Guesswork! Refinement!   I welcome both beginners and anyone that wants to refine their technique. This will be a live workshop you can do in person at my beautiful outdoor gym, or

The Biggest Mistake People Make With Training

  Do you think that hiring a trainer or a coach is just a luxury? Or do you feel that maybe you are motivated enough and don’t need a coach to push you through? Sure motivation is great, accountability is great, but a good coach doesn’t just yell at you to get going. A good coach gives you a specific strategy and educates you on exactly what your body needs. A good coach will help you avoid injury, accelerate your progress, and up level your training like never before. Would you go on a long road trip without a strategy of how to get from point A to point B? There may be 20 ways to get to the same destination, wouldn’t you want the most efficient and safest way? The biggest mistake people make with training is........ going at it alone!  A wise African Poverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together According to MoneyTalksNews, “if you really want to get the most out of your workouts, a trainer is a great investment. The improvement in your health and fi

The Most Powerful Video of 2020 - Take Care of Yourself - Kettlebell in the video

 Get your tissues ready! If you haven't seen either version of this you're in for a real treat! I have never been more inspired in my life right now. Tell me what you think! This is EXACTLY why I do what I do. (bawling) and here is another version If you loved this and feel inspired check out the newsletter I sent out this morning to my loyal students. I sent this invite to get you started in your journey using a kettlebell. I meet you where you are! You can see in this newsletter I sent to my loyal subscribers, some I've had for 15 years! 

BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Lauren Brooks Kettlebell Training Workouts and Programs - Biggest Sale of the year

How well do you know yourself? Wait hold that thought..... First off hope you all had a beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to all of you. Some of you have been working out with me for over 14 years! That's a long time and I appreciate your loyalty. I just want to thank you all whether you're just getting starting with my programs, or been around for over a decade, for being such a hardcore loyal and amazing student. I'm also proud to say I've become wonderful friends with many of you over the years as well. What a journey it has been.  ADD and FREE STUFF moment: I don't know about you, but I'll be hitting up a workout very similar to Holiday Hustle today like many of the members in the Playground. We closed the gym for the weekend so I made sure to give lots of options to everyone.  This is a special program you'll only find in Lauren's Playground during the holidays. If you're not in Lauren's Playground and you're dying to kn

How NOT to Swing a Kettlebell

  There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing a professional trainer or, in this case, a news outlet promoting an incorrect Kettlebell Swing. The Sunday Times Magazine recently posted an article (complete with the photo below labeled Incorrect) explaining why kettlebells are the fitness hit of lockdown. While I do agree with this statement, I do not agree with the image showing how to perform a kettlebell swing. The irony of this post is that it is showing the exact way to INCORRECTLY swing a kettlebell, unless of course you are ready for some back, shoulder or neck pain. I used to be criticized for pointing out these faulty articles before, but I have had enough. As a kettlebell professional, I will no longer stay quiet. This type of faulty promotion may not only cause injury, but it may also keep someone from benefiting from the strength and cardio results of proper kettlebell form. That will just make naysayers prove that kettlebells don’t work. WHAT?? Of course they work. Rem

Kettlebell Swings for Kettlebell Earrings - There will be 3 Winners!

I love this time of year.  Fall breezes and cooler temperatures, friend and family gatherings (covid friendly of course), being able to wear my fun fall workout leggings, and a nice warm cup of RYZE mushroom coffee.    I also love this time of year because it is the time to give thanks. Part of giving thanks to my students is through my Black Friday Sales (see here ) but I also want to take it a step further. I know people are gearing up for the holiday season so I want to add on a quick contest to gift the most adorable kettlebell jewelry to yourself or a loved one. Each time you post a video doing 100 swings and tag me on Instagram, you will be entered into a contest for the CUTEST kettlebell earrings. Swings can be done in many increments. Here are some idea. 10 for 10 sets, 20 for 5 sets, 25 for 4 sets, 50 for 2 sets. Or if you dare do all 100 at once. You get the idea.  I bought these for myself and loved them SO much that I purchased three more for YOU. So go ahead, you are doin

Quick Kettlebell Workout and Huge Black Friday Sale

  QUICK WORKOUT AND BLACK FRIDAY SALE Okay, everyone, I have a CHALLENGE for you. This one is super quick and super effective. I don’t want to hear any complaints for it will only take you five minutes. Ready? I call this the   Super Quick Kettlebell Workout! Sometimes you just need to get right to business with your training. No muss, no fuss. Like I said, don’t give me any excuses that you don’t have time because this workout only took me 5 minutes and it kept me energized for hours! I’m not going to ask if you have five minutes. I know you do, so try this out:   All you need to do is   5 reps of a Double Swing, Clean and Press Quick rest   6 reps per side of Squats to a Push Press Repeat it 2 - 3 times and you’ll see what I mean! NO FUSS NO MUSS! Since that only took you 5 minutes, you have time to read my special announcement of a big, BIG sale that I will be having for Black Friday which actually starts now! How is it already almost Thanksgiving? This year I’m going bigger than ev