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BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR - Black Friday Kettlebell Fitness Workout Sale by Lauren Brooks - this week only!

 Black Friday Sale  STARTS NOW Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving for those that celebrate this holiday. This week I've closed my in person and live virtual classes to honor this family and friend American tradition. We will resume our regular schedule on Monday November 29th. I'd like to give sincere thanks to everyone who has not only touched my life, but has trusted in me to be your fitness, movement, and strength coach. Some of you the last 17 years! It's truly an honor to know that working with one of my programs, videos, personal coaching, or being involved in the group training, has made immaculate changes in your life.  I have decided to SLASH the prices of all our Kettlebell Fitness DVD's we have left in stock as well as all our Kettlebell Video Downloads, Workout Programs, Ebooks.  Please take advantage of our 75% off sale on Kettlebell DVD's that have been successfully used all around the world, plus Free Domestic Shipping if you spend $50 or more, th
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How 7 Days of Kettlebell Swings Changed Lives

THE SUMMER SWING CHALLENGE WAS EXTREMELY IMPACTFUL  IN JUST 7 DAYS!  "I've loved it. I have seen my body change physically over the last couple of days, while I've also seen my mind change as well." Rochele T. How was your experience with the Swing Challenge ?  Here are some of the life changing responses in the Lauren Brooks Fitness Challenge Facebook group!   

Super Strong, Toned, Pain Free, and More energetic thanks to Kettlebell Training and Lauren's Playground

"Within the last year I have TONED, become more MUSCULAR than I have ever been! I don't have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone!" Eloise K. England I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Eloise! Check out her journey from when she started Lauren’s Playground one year ago to now! From no energy with pain and weakness to strong, more energy than she knows what to do with, muscular, toned up, and super strong! “I'm 37, I had tennis elbow on my right arm and a left hip that was always nagging with pain from sitting so much for work. I also always had a sore right shoulder. I don't have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone, even though I do tons of pull ups and presses and snatches I have ZERO issues in my shoulder. When I started last year I had very little energy and I didn’t have strength. I couldn't do a push-up, a pull-up or many swings. I've been awakened to mobility and the way you integrate it, is just perfect. I’ve become aware

The Kettlebell Swing Challenge

GRAB YOUR SPOT FREE SPOT  HERE Starts Monday June 14th Watch intro video here Receive 1 video inside your portal every day for 7 days.  After the 7 days you will feel  STRONGER all over your entire body from head to toe! MORE ENERGY and a sense of accomplishment. CONDITIONED - swings not only help you become stronger but you’ll also condition your heart rate! POWERFUL - you will have more explosive hip power after practicing variations for 7 days in a row. MOBILE - with all of my workouts we sneak in mobility and recovery drills so you feel loose, mobile,  and engaged in the places.  BETTER POSTURE - Swings along with the combo drills I’ll be adding in to our short challenges each day will open you up and help you stand taller! FAT LOSS and TONED - 7 days of swings alone can definitely help your body become a fat burning machine. This will be the start of your journey and once you see how amazing it feels in such a short a amount of time you won’t want to stop training.  SHORT se

From Back Pain To Pain Free with Kettlebell Training

 " No more Tylenol and no more cortisone injections!!!" Read Kimberly's amazing and inspiring story! Don't forget to watch the video as well! “ I’m a 51 yr old woman and a mother of 12 yr old twins. I’ve been doing kettlebells with Lauren for at least 6 years and I usually take 3 months off every summer to travel. I started kettlebells because I had lower back problems . Most mornings I could not bend over to put on my pants. I also struggled with emptying the dishwasher. Everyday tasks were problematic for me. I’m also an active person and my back kept me from enjoying many activities. I also had twins at home that needed me to be physically fit to take care of them. My Dr told me I had degenerative disk disease in my lower back along with arthritis. I had a prescription for 800mg Tylenol and I also started getting cortisone injections into my lower back. After a few years of cortisone shots and Tylenol I heard about Lauren. I was definitely scared

5 year Anniversary of Lauren's Playground

Standing here today at almost 42 yrs old, I never dreamed of feeling as elated as I am now! We are under the illusion that after kids and especially once we turn 40, everything goes down hill! I certainly don't feel that way and if you do, please know that you don't have to feel that way anymore! I knew I loved training people, but I have to pinch myself as to how much the impact really has been since opening the doors to Lauren's Playground. 5 years ago this month, I opened the doors to an online gym that has turned in to a transformational life changing community for people all over the world. This entire month I’m celebrating a dream that came true and turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined. Celebrating the incredible students inside Lauren’s Playground is such a beautiful thing! This month I bask in the joy of knowing I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power to coach, guide, love, transform, and serve my Playground community. I remember when the doors first opened I

Special Giveaway - Kettlebell Fitness Program

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First Steps To Strong - Beginner's Roadmap To A Stronger You

  If you've been struggling for awhile and are confused as to where to begin your strength journey, you can finally stop looking and feeling overwhelmed!  The hardest part about getting started is when you have no clue what to do or if you're even moving correctly. I know... we are so inundated with so more information now than we can handle and most of it is a bunch of fluff and gimmicks! Of course you feel like giving up and just staying where you are sometimes. How can you know what the "right" path is for  you?  If you're reading this now, I believe it's because you were meant to find this unique and one of a king GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE simple program. It's time to focus on just moving gently where you can actually gain some strength too! Here's the difference between my programs and the ones you see all over the web. I've been at this for OVER 20 YEARS ! I have helped thousands of people... many over 50, 60, and 70 who once gave up. I wake up to

How Kettlebells Changed My Life

This week I asked my students and followers "How has Kettlebell training changed your life?" Here are some of the responses. If you want to see the video responses check them out here . It's kind of fun!  Loved these answers from people! I WAS OVERWEIGHT, IMMOBILE, UNHEALTHY POWER LIFTER. NOW STRONGER, FIT, MOBILE AND HEALTHY!    @maass_moves Kettlebells have changed my mind to what I can achieve. Not only my training, but also MY LIFE!  @Ellzzbelzz Kettlebells are like the missing piece to my strength puzzle! I m more in tune with my muscles.             @ladyvolsrock Kettlebells got me interested in lifting weights!  Lee. U More confidence in myself that I am strong, happy and healthy!  J. Pirofalo  Strengthened my glutes & core thus ridding myself of back pain! Now I'm a kettlebell trainer!  Robin S. Stronger, more confident, and defined in places I didn't know I could be.  Marcy M.  Life Changer.  I've always been VERY insecure about my body image. Ket

Kettlebell Fun with Figure 8's and Pass Arounds

  Challenging the brain and CORE with FUN kettlebell moves Here are some ways to add to your workouts or put your lighter bells to use. Figure 8’s Figure 8’s to Hold Pass Around to Cleans Alternating Pass Around to Cleans Pass Around to Clean and Press A few samples of how to add in some kettlebell fun! Let me know what your favorite kettlefun drills are! Before you know it, you’ve worked your brain, core, entire body, and your heart rate is pounding. For all the members in Lauren's Playground you'll find some of these KB Fun drills inside Spring Fever If you like challenges, why don't you try one of our SUPER POPULAR WORKOUTS Maximus Destroyer from Kettlebell Incinerator for FREE   here in our FEATURED WORKOUTS - just this week only!  I f you've logged in our system before with a challenge or own any of our programs, just simply sign in versus sign up. Let me know what you think! AND DON'T FORGET THE GET UP WORKSHOP - 3 spots left We have 3 SPOTS LEFT in The Min

Kettlebell Get Up Workshop - Live with Lauren Brooks

Did you know the Turkish Get Up is well known for building powerful and resilient shoulders? However, there is so SO MUCH more to the Get Up than just amazing shoulders. The Get Up strengthens and connects the entire body from head to toe.  This exercise will magically transfer over to get you stronger in everything you do, including push-ups, presses, snatches, pull ups, lunges, most sports, and life.    The Get Up will Strengthen, Connect, and Improve Your entire Core & Abs Hip Mobility Lat Strength and connection Obliques Entire Legs and Butt Ankles and Feet Grip and Wrist Strength Proprioception enhancement (Which basically means that you will heighten your body awareness throughout the entire movement.) The Get Up will help you turn back the clock in your aging process. One of the ways that separates us from a healthy or unhealthy individual, feeling old versus young, is being able to get up off the floor safely. Having a resilient and anti-fragile body. The Get

Be SLAM (Strong Like a Mother) Remastered

Be SLAM Remastered 12 Week Follow Along Workout Video and Written Program to make you stronger and leaner than ever before Doors are now open - but hurry... we close in 6 days Be SLAM Intro Behind the curtains and what it's ALL ABOUT! You asked.....I delivered. You all know that I am committed to members of Lauren's Playground both new and old, and I finally was able to complete something you have all been asking for... Be Strong Like A Mother....REMASTERED Registration is now open! But only for 7 days.  Learn more and sign up here   I am SO EXCITED to be releasing the remastered version of one of the most popular 12 week workout plans of my career, Be Strong Like A Mother (Be Slam). What does remastered mean? I have taken the original Be SLAM ebook and not only updated many of the exercises but it now includes follow along videos and a printable progress tracking sheets. Many of you asked me to update this program from a written format to a work along video format. All of th