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Quick Kettlebell Workout and Huge Black Friday Sale

  QUICK WORKOUT AND BLACK FRIDAY SALE Okay, everyone, I have a CHALLENGE for you. This one is super quick and super effective. I don’t want to hear any complaints for it will only take you five minutes. Ready? I call this the   Super Quick Kettlebell Workout! Sometimes you just need to get right to business with your training. No muss, no fuss. Like I said, don’t give me any excuses that you don’t have time because this workout only took me 5 minutes and it kept me energized for hours! I’m not going to ask if you have five minutes. I know you do, so try this out:   All you need to do is   5 reps of a Double Swing, Clean and Press Quick rest   6 reps per side of Squats to a Push Press Repeat it 2 - 3 times and you’ll see what I mean! NO FUSS NO MUSS! Since that only took you 5 minutes, you have time to read my special announcement of a big, BIG sale that I will be having for Black Friday which actually starts now! How is it already almost Thanksgiving? This year I’m going bigger than ev
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BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Lauren Brooks Kettlebell Training Workouts and Programs - Biggest Sale of the year

How well do you know yourself? Wait hold that thought..... First off hope you all had a beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to all of you. Some of you have been working out with me for over 14 years! That's a long time and I appreciate your loyalty. I just want to thank you all whether you're just getting starting with my programs, or been around for over a decade, for being such a hardcore loyal and amazing student. I'm also proud to say I've become wonderful friends with many of you over the years as well. What a journey it has been.  ADD and FREE STUFF moment: I don't know about you, but I'll be hitting up a workout very similar to Holiday Hustle today like many of the members in the Playground. We closed the gym for the weekend so I made sure to give lots of options to everyone.  This is a special program you'll only find in Lauren's Playground during the holidays. If you're not in Lauren's Playground and you're dying to kn

How NOT to Swing a Kettlebell

  There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing a professional trainer or, in this case, a news outlet promoting an incorrect Kettlebell Swing. The Sunday Times Magazine recently posted an article (complete with the photo below labeled Incorrect) explaining why kettlebells are the fitness hit of lockdown. While I do agree with this statement, I do not agree with the image showing how to perform a kettlebell swing. The irony of this post is that it is showing the exact way to INCORRECTLY swing a kettlebell, unless of course you are ready for some back, shoulder or neck pain. I used to be criticized for pointing out these faulty articles before, but I have had enough. As a kettlebell professional, I will no longer stay quiet. This type of faulty promotion may not only cause injury, but it may also keep someone from benefiting from the strength and cardio results of proper kettlebell form. That will just make naysayers prove that kettlebells don’t work. WHAT?? Of course they work. Rem

Kettlebell Swings for Kettlebell Earrings - There will be 3 Winners!

I love this time of year.  Fall breezes and cooler temperatures, friend and family gatherings (covid friendly of course), being able to wear my fun fall workout leggings, and a nice warm cup of RYZE mushroom coffee.    I also love this time of year because it is the time to give thanks. Part of giving thanks to my students is through my Black Friday Sales (see here ) but I also want to take it a step further. I know people are gearing up for the holiday season so I want to add on a quick contest to gift the most adorable kettlebell jewelry to yourself or a loved one. Each time you post a video doing 100 swings and tag me on Instagram, you will be entered into a contest for the CUTEST kettlebell earrings. Swings can be done in many increments. Here are some idea. 10 for 10 sets, 20 for 5 sets, 25 for 4 sets, 50 for 2 sets. Or if you dare do all 100 at once. You get the idea.  I bought these for myself and loved them SO much that I purchased three more for YOU. So go ahead, you are doin

The Importance of In Person Training - Thanks Dallas!

  It’s no surprise I love kettlebells. I have been teaching the art of Kettlebell training for over 16 years! But what you may or may not know is that I LOVE Texas! I was so lucky to be able to fly to one of my favorite states to teach my Kettlebell Fitness Workshop, especially before California went in to a more restrictive tier due to Covid. Y’all, this workshop was FUN! If you follow me on Instagram , you may have seen my story of flying into Dallas and checking out Mike Coffin’s amazing Krav Maga and Kettlebell gym,   Crucible Krav Maga .  Even following safety protocols and wearing my mask when close to individuals, we were able to do some great learning and have a ton of fun. Look, during these times it isn’t necessarily easy to fly and spend time in a hotel away from my family, but it was totally worth it! I feel so blessed to be able to share my teaching in front of people!   A lot of these Dallas students are people I consider friends. I have known them a long time through my

Messy Week and Give Away Time!

You guys, I know 2020 has been a rough year for everyone.  I had a bit of a messy week and I am trying to decide if I can blame it on 2020. If my messy week would have happened in a different year, would I have just rolled through it and moved on without a glitch? Let me tell you about my week and you decide.  First my week started with the flooding of my neighbors yard.  Oh you might be thinking "Lauren, that's not YOUR problem, that is their problem." Well, unfortunately, the flooding of their backyard was due to a broken pipe in MY backyard. Have you ever had a backyard or pipe leak?  It's definitely a messy problem all around. We had to turn off all of the water, dig up my backyard to find the problem and well "wish" the neighbors a happy halloween 2020 by flooding their yard. So not only was my week literally going down the drain with my backyard water, but then I had to have unexpected wisdom tooth surgery due to an infection! I decided to go through t

Squat Analysis - Which Squat is Right For You?

  Hey y’all! A couple of weeks ago I shared a video representing two different styles of goblet squats and asked you all which you preferred. Well I have finally gotten around to my analysis and would love to share the video with you.  You can watch it right here.  So which squat do I prefer?   If you watch the video you'll see it's mostly  Squat B!   Now there is nothing wrong with Squat A for some, and for those of you who chose it, keep on doing it that way if it feels good. But…I have been training bodies for 20 years and the majority of the body types I train end doing best with more of a squat B version. A lot of your preference depends on your body type and age.   Do you have a tall torso? Weak knees? Tight ankles? Prone to valgus collapse? Valgus collapse is when the knee caves in. Weak back? Let’s do a little analysis on the two. Squat A, which I see in many people, leads more with the knees, pulls the butt down to a lower position, gravity tends takes over and this la

Try Out Our Featured Workout this Month

  FEATURED WORKOUTS OF THE MONTH! Body Weight Workout from one of Lauren's Playground favorites "The Body Tune-Up" and Strength 1 from the Kettlebell Revelation Try it out FOR Free Today!  Simply Use Code: loyalsubscriber to make the price 100% FREE! I WANT TO TRY THESE FEATURED WORKOUTS                       LAUREN'S PLAYGROUND STRENGTH KICK OFF CHALLENGE IS NOW READY! Spend 21 days hyper-focusing on 3 of the most important strength exercises your body can learn. Watch your body move better, connect more, with spending some extra time on these 3 Power Exercises! Like superfoods the Deadlift, Push-up, and Get Ups are the Super Foods for your body! I will have a progression and an option for all levels. Get ready to participate and noticeably feel and see the difference in just 3 weeks!  Register and let's get going!  MEMBERS SIGN IN HERE

Meghan's Journey From Mom Pancake Butt To Kettlebell Butt - aka KettleBooty or KettleButt

Featuring Meghan Branlund "Training with Lauren has been life changing. After going through a divorce it helped me take my power back and learn my own strength"   aka Meghan Incorvaia Meghan struggled with strength most of her life. I had the privilege of working with this amazing woman who also happens to be an incredibly gifted artist. Meghan had recently went through a divorce with 2 young kids in tow. Meghan felt weak, suffered from back pain, lack of core connection, and wanted to make a big change! She began kettlebell strength training and movement patterns right before her 36th birthday. Her main goal was to lift, enhance, and tone her butt. She wanted the "Beyonce Booty". :) So in addition to helping Meghan find her outer strength, strength the crap out of her core, and lifting heavier than she ever thought possible, Meghan has also made the changes in her lovely Glutes as shown in the photo below.  I look forward to seeing what's to come over the next

50 Pull Ups on Kari's 49th Birthday

Kari Miller didn't achieve her first pull up until she was in her early 40's. In fact she was sick almost her entire 30's. In between having kids and being in bed from a sickness her doctors couldn't figure out, she was frail and weak. It wasn't until she figured out that her body didn't digest gluten well and it was the main cause of her severe illness. Causing her to miss important events and miss out on life. Once she could stand up straight again she began training with Lauren Brooks in person using Kettlebell fitness and various strength training protocols. This resulted in her achieving her first pull up at 42. Then by 43 was able to do 6 pull ups. Kari has requested to celebrate her birthday in pull up reps. It's been an honor to see her commitment to showing up to live classes 3 times per week. Kari has never felt stronger and more confident in her whole life. She credits the programming and instruction with kettlebell strength training for

Lauren's Playground Doors are now Open - Last time to join before 2021

Today is a day of many firsts!  Not only is it the FIRST Day of FALL 🍁  it's  the first day of IN PERSON school for one of my four kids.  (Wishing the students and teachers the absolute best) Not gonna lie. I’m super nervous. I’m also feeling very joyful and excited. The third reason I’m jumping out of my skin, is because today is also the FIRST official day of open registration for Lauren’s Playground. It will close in 5 days and won’t open again until 2021! I always get very excited welcoming new students to our community and online gym. Fall feels special to me, because it's a is a time where the mornings feel crisper and cooler. It’s the time where we bust out our pumpkin candles and are surrounded by the colors of red, orange, brown, and black.   It can bring a sense of renewal and can be the perfect time to close one chapter and open up a new one. It’s the time to work on setting new goals, becoming stronger and fitter than ever, to not only feel INCREDIBLE and CONFIDENT