CONFESSION #3 - I haven't always loved females

 Mean girls are real

 I haven’t always loved females. This isn’t a bash session against women. But I need to get this off my chest. Before you begin the hate comments, hear me out... I’m a woman whose mission in life is to empower other women. But there’s a reason behind this. Mean girls are real! Have you ever encountered a mean girl before? 

So here it goes... I was bullied as a kid. I was the new girl in a small town in Sugar Land (Texas), mourning over leaving my dad and friends in Los Angeles (California). 

I was different. I spoke differently. I didn't have a Southern accent. My hair wasn’t like the other girls. It was thick, frizzy and hard to tame in the humid Houston climate. I was a scrawny little girl (smallest in the class) no muscle, no butt and awkwardly had large boobs (as I developed very early). When you’re in middle school and skinny, apparently you’re not “allowed” to have breasts. I was called all kinds of names and ridiculed in front of the new peers. These “mean girls” told everyone I stuffed my bra, called me names like taxidermist, nappy head, stuck gum in my hair, kicked and tripped me in between classes. I was defenseless and had no voice. I was shy and did what I could to hide my new body.

I’ve been betrayed and stabbed in the back by other women as an adult. But through all of this I found the most amazing and wonderful female friends that I’ll love forever. Passionate, loving, loyal and kind women! Women who aren’t filled with jealousy and hate for other women. Women who don’t spend their lives comparing themselves to everyone else. 

Thank you MEAN girls for teaching me how NOT to be. I purposely go out of my way to include someone who may be shy, feel left out or just need a friend. Thank you for making me become a mentally and physically STRONG woman.

I love my female sisters. I still love the cruel backstabbing women, but I don’t have to like them. I forgive you. I teach my girls to CHOOSE KIND. I don’t claim to have always chosen this path and I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. If I did, it wasn’t you, it was me. My own demons. All I can do now is focus on love. #choosekind 


CONFESSION #2 - Letting go of fear. 

A lot can change in 10 years. The photo on the left is a 28 yr old girl who has a 9 month old baby. She is proud of herself for being skinny and lean. She’s skinnier at the age of 28, after her first baby, than she was in her college years. She watched everything she ate, kept a food journal and even avoided social situations to not be tempted by the wrong food and alcohol. 

I was head over heels in love when I had my first baby. It was the greatest moment of my life. But then the darkness set in and I was terrified that if I couldn’t look a certain way, no one would want to hire me as their fitness coach. I told myself a story that if I didn’t have the “look” of a fitness model, I’d be portrayed as a less knowledgeable professional. I had the education, knowledge and success stories of my students kicking ass, but it wasn’t enough for me. My only self worth was if I could see my abs that day. I lived in fear. 

Here we are 10 years later. Let’s be honest, I’m 8-10 pounds heavier now. I’ve also stopped telling myself the lies that I have to be ripped to be worth something. Today I feel better than ever. I eat bread, tacos, homemade pizzas and even have a tequila from time to time. I put coconut sugar in my coffee and love every sip of it. I’m stronger, I’m happier, I no longer live in fear. I’ve let go of that old story running in my head. I love my lifestyle! The good news is I have a choice to change it when and if I choose to.

I now know I love myself and I’m an awesome coach 😉 regardless of whether I have a ripped stomach or a bloated PMS belly. 

I’m here to inhale every single ounce of this life. Even when it sucks! Because it can suck a lot. The suck makes those good moments shine brighter than ever. All I want to do is catch them and save them forever. 

Your kindness and love for others is what it’s all about. No more living in fear of having to look a certain way to feel self worth. It feels great to be free! 

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The mind of a career woman, mother, girl and student.

 I often find myself in this posture throughout the day. The face of seriousness and deep thought. Some may confuse this with me being sad, angry or downright unfriendly. 

If you find me looking like this in a training session or just walking down the street, it’s really me living in my head and doing my absolute best to remember everything I need to get done. Trying so hard to stay focused. Trying so hard to be the best version of myself. Often trying so hard that I get lost in the shuffle of reality. Trying so hard I get tired of trying hard. In all honestly it leaves me feeling drained and utterly exhausted. Why do I do this to myself?

I admit it takes a lot of work for me to get out of my over analytical thinking style. I have to force myself to take breaks from putting so much pressure on myself. We can be our own worst enemy. My goal is to work on creating space to let go, laugh and just BE... Just be where I am at the moment and remind myself of how grateful I am for this life. How grateful I am for being able to do what I love and help people become the best version of their self. 

We as humans can struggle with taking our own advice. Here’s to taking a moment, stop taking ourselves so seriously and let loose a bit. 

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MIGHTY MUSCLE - build strong and defined muscles

Time to put the MIGHTY in your MUSCLES with the MIGHTY MUSCLE program. Before we get started I have some good news and some bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. For those who suffer from choice trauma, you may have a bit of an issue. For the first time ever, I’m bringing you not one, not two, but three different programs to choose from. This could be viewed as a tough decision for those who can be indecisive, but never fear, I’ll help you out.
Let’s get to the good news now. You really can’t go wrong with any of the programs. It all depends on what your goals are at this very moment. In fact you can do all three programs, one after the next if you’d like. Let’s break this down so you can have an understanding of what each one will bring you.

The Physique program is the first two month program I had the pleasure of designing out of the three. This is a more conventional approach to targeting each muscle group in a very balanced way. You will still be using mostly kettlebells, if you fancy them, but we will get down to the nitty gritty with really focusing on building dense strong muscle mass. For my new fitness friends who haven’t really experienced an “old school” approach to fitness, this might be something fun for you to put your body through. If you’re one of those weird people who actually enjoy feeling sore for several days after a session, this is the program for you. 

The Total Body Workout Program is the second two month program I designed for Mighty Muscle. This program is for die hard lovers of unconventional training. The workouts target the entire body as one system. No promises that you wont feel deep soreness like the Physique program, but you’ll feel all of your muscles being worked in a balanced way. In the 8 week program, you’ll also find Circuit Condition workouts added in just the right places. Like all of my programs, we do have a focus within each workout. If you’re looking for overall strength and conditioning this would be a great program to start with. 

Now for the Ultimate Mix program, which is a taste of both worlds. The final 2 month program I created which is the all time balance of both of the programs stated above. If you’re torn between the two, blend it up in the best way possible with this Mix program. You’ll get to sample what it’s like to focus on a body part in one session, then the next session you may be going through an entire full body combo workout and then enjoy your heart pounding out of your chest in the next workout.  If you want a little of each without committing to one focus, this would be a great program to begin or even end with after running through the other programs offered.Hopefully this clears the air and puts you on the best path. If you’re in Lauren’s Playground please share with us which program you plan on starting with.

WHAT THIS IS NOT: This is NOT a DVD and this is NOT a follow along workout video. 


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