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Having Trouble With Your Kettlebell Clean?

Having Trouble With Your Kettlebell Clean? Part 1 & 2 now available on this blog post Cleaning up your Kettlebell Clean - Part 1  I remember like it was yesterday! 13 years ago I was trying to master the Kettlebell Clean. The instruction was to stand in front of the bell, reach back to the floor, thrust your hips forward and spear your hand through the bell, with hardly any arm usage. Well let me tell you what this resulted in, beautiful black and blue bruises all over my arms. I wasn't the only one! This was pre facebook and well before instagram. With blogging being the leading way to connect with others using kettlebells at the time, boy did I see some photos of battle wounds from people attempting cleans and snatches. This definitely wasn't the best marketing tool to get people involved in using kettlebells. After months of practice and finally understanding that you have to really create a nice rotation with the bell and your arm as if you're r

What an Outdoor Kettlebell Gym Looks Like... Welcome to On The Edge Fitness and Lauren's Playground

COME ON IN.... Take a quick virtual tour of my backyard... Come on in to my backyard playground gym. Not local? Want to have FREE access to some of our popular kettlebell workout videos? If so, sign up through link in profile 👍🏼, my blog, under tab "Join Thousands Today" and receive free access to our Featured workouts in minutes.  # For more hours and hours of our programs and videos online sign up for Lauren's Playground online gym or any of our videos.  # If you're local drop us a line and we will fill you in with the deets on how to train with us.  #laurenbrooksfitness #ontheedgefitness #kettlebells #tuesdaymotivation #kettlebellworkouts #shutupandtrain #laurenbrooks #fitfam #fitness #fitpregnancy #strongwomen #encinitas #sandiego #meltmethod #encinitasgym #carlsbad #solanabeach #delmar #cardiff #ranchosantafe A post shared by LAUREN BROOKS 💪🏼 (@laurenbrooksfitness) on Mar 21, 2017 at 10:03am PDT Come on in to my backyard playground gym.

Golden Milk - The Key To A Good Night Sleep

I started making Golden Milk, which has the key powerful ingredient of turmeric. Turmeric literally is known to help almost everything. Here are just a few things that it can help with  Anti-inflammatory  Boosts immunity Anti-cancer properties Depression Regulates blood pressure  Improve memory Gall-bladder Improves IBS and IBD Arthritis Insomnia Menopause Reduces arsenic The list goes on and on. Check out a huge list here with data to back it up. WARM EVENING GOLDEN MILK! Holy crap this was Heaven!  This homemade golden milk was absolutely amazing. The perfect evening drink. The benefits of Turmeric are insane. I think it literally cures everything and anything. 😊 I used @gaiaherbs Turmeric Boost restore and stirred 1 tsp on low in 1-2 cups of coconut milk with cinnamon and 1 T of coconut oil in a sauce pan. Then added honey! You're welcome!  #goldenmilk #vegan #glutenfree #cleanliving #kettlebells #laurenbrooksfitness #turmeric #paleofriendly #veg

Apple Cinnamon Gluten Free Muffins and Kettlebells for 5 minutes

Apple Cinnamon Muffins Gluten Free I've been on a baking kick lately, mostly inspired by my daughter who has recently needed to avoid gluten and dairy. I still give her sprouted whole grain bread from time to time, which she does well with. When 3 out of the 4 kids are able to eat bagels, pizza, ice cream and mac n cheese with no consequences, it can be very difficult for the 1 child who can't eat those things. This is why it's imperative I continue to make delicious food that all the kids can enjoy!  These muffins can be used for breakfast, snack, dessert or taken on the go. I made them last night and put them in the fridge after they cooled.   This morning this moist apple pie tasting muffin tasted even better than last night! This tastes very similar to a gluten free apple cake I made years ago, which was very yummy! For that recipe check it out here . This recipe was inspired by my favorite gluten free  chef Elana Amsterdam at www.elanaspantr

Dips, Perfect Push ups & Cookies (Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo Friendly)

Ring dips and perfect push ups have a lot in common. Arms hug the sides of your lats, abs remain tight, as you power the movement both down and up with control. I usually feel this in my chest, triceps, delts and abs the next day. Not neck or traps.  Mastering the perfect push up makes dips very doable. I hardly practice dips, but can do them because I practice push ups regularly. Push ups are the bomb! Make sure to practice the right way!  There's a place for wide push ups, diamond push ups, one arm, etc... The safest one IMO that allows for the healthiest pattern for most people is the push up I demonstrate on my blog videos with link below . The # perfectpushupchallenge  program and videos have taken people from zero to 3, zero to 10! Or 3-20 in just 21 days! THE PERFECT PUSH UPS CHALLENGE BLOG POST IS HERE A post shared by LAUREN BROOKS 💪🏼 (@laurenbrooksfitness) on Mar 10, 2017 at 9:06am PST LAST NIGHT I BUSTED OUT MY OLD TRUSTY ALM