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The Way to Results Without Spending Your Life in a Gym... by Regina H.

What an honor to receive this testimonial/review. Thank you Regina Hurley for sharing this. I hope this inspires others to add this type of life changing training in to their lives.  "It is possible for anyone – young, old, men, women, anywhere in the world, and cancer survivors and those affected by thyroid disease like me."  --- Regina H. Connecticut The Way to Results Without Spending Your Life in a Gym. I did what I was told for 21 days, cardio and weights in a circuit on machines. I did lose 5 lbs but I didn’t feel any stronger, or better. The trainer was quick to say – to make the cardio harder walk up hill and put the weights on the lightest possible and said – “you don’t want to get bulky.” then was somehow disappointed with me that I didn’t achieve in 21 days – lower fat percentage, inches off my waist and hips. The trainer repeated that I need to make the cardio harder, work longer, spend more than an hour in the gym. I didn’t have that kind of time