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5 Months Today!

It's crazy how the pregnancy went so so slow! It felt like an eternity. And now that Lyla is born I can't believe it has actually been 5 months. It feels like yesterday So just wanted to show a couple pictures to show you my progress and my journey. First picture is me 2 weeks before I gave birth, I know I was extremely huge! Pretty embarrasing picture. Pic 2 is 1 month later, still sore from C-section. Pic 3 Two and half months postpartum. Pic 4 Today at 5 months, I am at least 6 pounds lighter from pic 3 to pic 4. Pic 5 is today doing a pistol. Have to admit I did not train at all for the pistols. If I wanted to be able to do more than one I would need to start training. So I guess my body just remembers after not doing them for a year. Thank you for your interest in our cutting edge fitness programs and information. To be apart of Lauren’s unique and motivating online gym experience; sign up here for our virtual gym, Lauren’s Playground , while registration

Feeling Revived!

i have to admit, these past 2 weeks I have felt extremely lethargic and low energy. With what life has thrown my way, I have not been able to stick to my goals. This is the first time in years that I haven't followed through with my word. I understand life can get in the way and get you off track. The longer you wait to jump back on, the harder it may get. So finally I forced myself to make some time for me. This morning I went in my back yard and had one of the BEST workouts I have had in a long time. Because it had been weeks since I've been consistent in my training I was surprised that I had the strength to do this fun workout. My weight for the past week has been 111 pounds and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding. The only thing I can say I have really been doing right, is eating super super clean. I never let myself go hungry and I'm snacking all the time! I haven't been this light for 8 years. So I thought for sure I wouldn't have the strength to

Getting back on Track and new goals

We may finally have some answers with Ben. The doctor is now pointing the finger to Ulcerative Colitis. The only thing is the pain does not match up to this type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, so there could be something more to it. The doctor even agrees, but said it's possible in some rare cases. For now he is off the pain meds and taking special anti-inflammatory medications for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's. So we will just wait and see how that does. I am just happy that we are starting to get some answers. Still don't feel 100% satisfied, so time will only tell. Now that things are going to be somewhat more stable, I can get back on track with my own training. Yesterday I had a 15 minute time frame to do some training. So this is what I did. Windmills 26lb 4 on each side Single Leg Dead Lifts 2 26lb 8 on each side It felt really good to do these. Almost like my body was craving these two exercises. I feel so much more balanced today. Weighed