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The Get Up - Develop Super Strong Shoulder and Lats

It’s no secret that Get Ups can build insanely solid strong shoulders and lats. Adding an overhead squat is just a bonus. I know Get Ups can look intimidating to the newbies out there. This is why I only teach a portion of the Get Up to my new students and without any load. The Get Up also helps open up your hips and does strengthen the entire body. It teaches focus and awareness. This is one of the reasons I created an entire ebook/video program called the Ultimate Get Up  Guide. This is one I offer to the public as well as have it inside Lauren’s Playground. If you need the Get Up broken down in a simple and easy to follow format you can access it inside Lauren’s Playground here when you’re a member. Sign up before doors close on Monday. Or purchase it separately here View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lauren Brooks (@laurenbrooksfitness) on Feb 15, 2020 at 7:48am

Farmers Walks - One of the most beneficial exercises you can do for your body

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lauren Brooks (@laurenbrooksfitness) on Feb 11, 2020 at 2:26pm PST Farmers Walks or Farmer Carries anyone? Nothing new. Been around for years on end and one of the most under utilized simple exercises you can possibly do. I’m gonna list the benefits below of this diamond of an exercise. There’s a reason why the most recognized strength coaches on this planet such as Dan John and Brooks Kubik have their athletes do these regularly. Brooks Kubik said “The farmers walk is one of the most productive of all exercises.” Now for the Benefits Increased postural strength and control. Basically what I’m saying is this drill helps your spine and tissues around it to become strong AF (as freak). Increases your metabolism, burns fat, and builds dense muscle mass. . Increases your Grip Strength like no other. Core Stabilization and Bracing which translates over in to every strength lift and real life. The heavy carrying also grounds you deepe

The Body Armor Project - 6 Week Kettlebell Program - Build Your Body Like It's a Machine

The Body Armor Project This program is designed to help you become STRONGER all over, MOBILE all over, CONDITIONED, and POWERFUL. The workouts are not long. The program suggests 4 days per week. This program is very special to me. It includes some of my most favorite mobility and strength drills that literally lubricates your joints so you can move better, which helps decrease pain and inflammation.  The program will also help blood circulation throughout your entire body.  These workouts including the warm up are designed to strengthen your entire system from connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. You will not only feel/look strong and fit, but you'll feel like a machine.  That's why I named this program Body Armor Project. To build an anti-fragile body you must include self care, mobility, a balanced form of strength, power, and conditioning.  Inside this program you will find  1 Follow Along Warm Up with Mobility and in