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Holiday Hustle Kettlebell Workout Program

COMING TO LAUREN'S PLAYGROUND  DECEMBER 1st (will only be available for the month of December) HOLIDAY HUSTLE FOLLOW ALONG KETTLEBELL WORKOUT PROGRAM Warm Up - 5 minutes 4 Strength & Release Workouts - Under 15 minutes 4 Power Blast Workouts - Under 8 minutes Mix & Match Workout Program Schedule NOT A MEMBER YET? We have options MONTHLY membership - PRICE will go up soon. You will be grandfathered in at your low price. YEARLY membership - PRICE will go up soon. You will be grandfathered in at your low price. LIFETIME membership - pay one time and never again for a lifetime worth of programs and continue to get new ones each month. (limited availability - received a free HALF HOUR coaching call) WHAT ELSE DO YOU RECEIVE? When you're a member you receive access to the Lauren's Playground private Facebook group and access to every single program Lauren has ever released in Lauren's Playground online gym

Why I Keep Going Back To The Kettlebell

My first foray into working out was inside a traditional gym. There were machines and resistance equipment. I was fascinated with learning how to set up each strength machine perfectly while designing just the right program to achieve the physique I was striving for. I always felt good with the conventional programs. I had scheduled days such as Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Legs/abs along with cardio. Old school, like 25 years ago! As long as I stuck to my program I felt good. I was actually scared to deviate. I thought I was strong until I discovered Kettlebell training. I was humbled learning how disconnected my body really was. The first time I did a Get Up 15 years ago, I could barely get off the ground with 8lbs in my hand. Pull ups and real squats were a joke. I was under the illusion that I was in amazing shape, until discovering the Kettlebell philosophy. It was a downer realizing my body didn’t know how to work together as one unit after all the

Metabolic Conditioning KETTLEBELL Workout - 10 Minutes

Try this awesome fat burning and METABOLIC CONDITIONING Kettlebell workout. All you need is 10 minutes and a kettlebell. This workout is directly taken from the "Kettlebell Conditioning" section in Lauren's Playground. For many more workouts and program sign up for Lauren's Playground here   For our FREE Featured Workouts each month sign up here . Please subscribe if you like my channel. For Kettlebell workouts DVDs shop here   For Kettlebell workout streaming videos and ebooks shop here  

Whole Made Meal Ideas

First off I'd like to thank Paige Reagan, (soon to be) a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, for contributing these incredible, simple, tasty and HEALTHY "whole-male meals" to the world. These are her descriptions. To read more about Paige and our exclusive Nutritional Therapy section, please visit here .  These meals are PALEO Friendly, Gluten Free, WholeFood30 friendly, unprocessed and 100% approved by me! If you want to feel healthier, lose a couple of pounds along the way and get your digestive system under control, try some of these out! Whole-Made Meal #1 "Whole-made meal" using these amazing organic, seasonal ingredients. Free-range chicken, Brussels sprouts and white sweet potatoes roasted in virgin coconut oil, with sauteed purple cabbage. A few minutes of prep work, a pinch of sea salt, and you're done! Whole-Made Meal # 2 A simple "whole-made" meal in under 30 minutes. Wild-caught salmon on top of organic zucchi

The Damage of Telling a Kid to "MAN UP"

To The Adults Who Tell Their Boys To “MAN UP!” “Man Up!” she said to her son. Her son has been showing signs of anxiety come Monday morning when it was time to go to school. What she doesn’t know is that her son has been a victim of bullying for the last year. Due to the “man up” mentality, her son hasn’t felt comfortable sharing his experiences with his mom or anyone.  Dear Parents or any adult who cares for kids,   At some point someone may have told you to “man up”, or “stop acting like a girl". Maybe it was because you fell really hard on the playground or you cried because you lost a game. Maybe it was because you were made fun of by a group of kids and felt like an outcast, so you cried. Whatever it may have been, the unforeseen consequences of telling someone to "man up", can cause a negative residual effect, that can last a lifetime.  If you want your boys to grow up in a world where he can’t express his feelings, instead learn to suppress his

Do This Kettlebell Challenge for 7 Days

JOIN ME FOR A FUN 7 DAY KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE! Starts TODAY! Fun for all Fitness Levels. Get access to a New Kettlebell Challenge every day this week.  The Challenge Videos and written portion you receive access to are taken from our super popular 21 Day Kettlebell Challenge found in Lauren's Playground . If you love the challenge and want to keep going you can check out the Playground.  To make sure you don't miss the boat on joining our 7 Day Kettlebell Challenge, sign in to our FEATURED WORKOUT section today. Use code: loyalsubcriber so you don't pay a thing. GO through the link to see the written portion that goes along with the challenge.  MAKE SURE TO USE THE FREE CODE: loyalsubscriber The video presented is showing what the first day looks like. To get the written portion please sign in.  HAPPY MONDAY! Now Let's do this! What are you waiting for?  DAY