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Is Simplicity Better? oh and a 3 min Pasta

Is simplicity better than complexity? I've struggled with this concept for years. During the time right before I began fiming kettlebell workout DVD's, mind you, this is before most knew what a kettlebell was, I wanted to vomit all of the kettlebell information out at once. I was too excited to hold anything back! This was also the time when people would ask me how my "Kettle Ball" or "Cow ball" training is coming along. It's ok if you were one of them. 😂 In the very beginning I felt I had to teach everything I knew. I thought the more I showed my students the better they would be. Or maybe they would share the same excitement for this amazing training that I had. To give you an example when I first taught I student how to swing a kettlebell 12 years ago, I'd take them through every cue and technique in my arsenal to get them to swing. Even if they mastered it I would still show them more drills. Let's say it was overkill! I was overwhelmin

Fitness After a C-Section - Advice to New Mamas

Fitness After a C-Section   by Melissa Closser First off, I want to apologize to every new mom I saw pushing their 6 month old child in a stroller and thinking "Why hasn't she lost the weight yet? It can't be that hard."  YES IT IS!!! I got into fitness, primarily kettlebell training, after suffering a miscarriage.  Before getting pregnant with my son, I trained for my first kettlebell competition and level 1 kettlebell certification (I certified while 10 weeks pregnant, with doctor's clearance).  I continued my kettlebell training throughout the first and second trimesters of my pregnancy. 2 month after C-section Once I was cleared from my c-section to start training again, I turned to Lauren's article What Doctor's Don't Tell You After a C-Section for help. I wanted to get my strong body back, but wasn't sure how to begin. I followed her programming of planks, pelvic tilts, kettlebell swings and 4-point tummy vacuum. I also add

Do You Love Kettlebell Training?

Once you find something that works well, it's hard to keep it a secret. Over the years my local and distant students have achieved such raving results with intelligent kettlebell based training, that many have actually gone on to become kettlebell instructors. After 12 solid years of teaching kettlebell training I've had the honor of watching my students share their beautiful success stories with friends and family. I've decided it's time for you to reap even more benefits.  You've shared your love for kettlebells by sending people my direction, so they can take the same road you did, to achieve great success.  I'd like to begin giving you a commission for all that you do. I am literally going to pay you 15% cash for every Playground member, DVD product, top of the line nutrition products, apparel and even my distant coaching services!! Yeah the services count!!  If your referring friend or family purchases over $27 you will get 15% cash back of all sales g

The Kettlebell Press Challenge (21 Days)

It's time for another challenge. This challenge can be done in conjunction with other training programs. It's designed so you can go through this protocol in a very calm and relaxed way. If you do this properly watch your pressing strength go up significantly in just 21 days! Not everyone is designed to press a bell over head. If you can not lock your elbow and maintain a straight arm over head, chances are,  pressing over your head may not be a safe option for you. The majority of my students who are unable to press heavy over head or press anything properly over head, switch to a very LIGHT Bottoms Up carry or Bottoms up press bell.  Like with any challenge or new workout regimen make sure you check with your doctor first, proceed with caution and use good judgement. Then have a great time! Details below with video! Pressing options: Kettlebell Press   Tall Kneeling Press Bottoms Up Press  The Kettlebell Press Challenge  (21 days)

Prying Goblet Squats - Try this incredible warm up exercise

Try this Prying Goblet Squat for an increase in your squat mobility. This exercise is great to do with a light bell before you do Goblet and Double Kettlebell Front Squa ts.  Here is why we do them.  - opens up your adductors and groin area. - creates a deeper squat - grooves a more efficient Goblet or Double Front Squat - activates your abductors  QUICK TIPS - grab a very light bell by the horns - Stand about shoulder width apart. - INHALE, then pull yourself down in to a comfortable squat with your elbows touching the insides of your knees -make sure heels and toes stay on the floor without coming up. - Gently push your elbows in to your knees to pry them apart to open your squat wider which will gently stretch your groin and adductors. - Drop your hips down further, once you've opened up, and take deep breaths at the very bottom. - Try to keep your chest up and tall without collapsing your shoulders. - HISS and EXHALE to stand up safely. Very important that

Low Volume Strength Training Program - without the BULK!

Let's set the record straight. I LOVE muscles! I think they're beautiful, especially on women. I don't mind working hard and seeing my muscles grow even if some consider it a  "bulky" look. I don't mind looking strong either. However, these are my personal goals at times. Just because I love it doesn't mean I should expect all of my female students to want the same thing. In fact many want the complete opposite.  "Lauren, I want to BE STRONG but I'm petrified of gaining a bunch of muscle." is a common statement I hear from my students.  Who am I to judge and talk them out of what they perceive is comfortable for THEIR body? If they don't want to gain muscle then I need to be careful of the programs I suggest to them. Low rep training with the proper amount of volume has proven you can still become beastly strong without looking like a body builder. If this sounds appealing to you then keep reading... Low Volume Strength Digit