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How to make an injury not suck

If you are like most people, you are, unfortunately, likely to encounter an injury or major setback even if you live within your comfort zone. I can tell you this from my own personal experience since I've had my share of injures and setbacks. I wouldn't attribute any of these to being negligent with my training regimen, but, rather, to mere life circumstances. The reality is that we don't control everything around us. Although I've had the bad fortune of having had many bodily challenges including two Cesarean sections, a torn ACL, a broken foot (twice), a fractured hand, a torn wrist ligament (twice), and two head injuries (that must explain a lot about me... LOL), I have had the good fortune of recovering from all of them relatively quickly. Luckily the training I do helped me rehab these injuries and keep me sane while recovering. These setbacks occurred from life events that were not training related. In fact, if I hadn't been so strong from my training, these


MY STRENGTH IS OUTTA CONTROL AND I’M HARDLY TRYING BY LAUREN BROOKS, SENIOR SFG Over the last few months I have performed some lifts that I previously didn’t think could be done by a gal my size. After exchanging some emails with Pavel, he has asked me to write about how I made this happen. I was very honest with him and told him that I didn’t train for it or even try very hard. In fact, the path I took was quite boring. Then I remembered I’m writing for a population that likes “boring” programs. Not boring in our eyes, but it would be as boring as it comes for the mainstream fitness buff. I discovered that strength can work in very mysterious ways. Living with toxic stress and/or poisonous people can weigh you down in all aspects of life. There’s only so much one body and mind can take. I’ve found for both my students and me, stress takes your strength away and makes all lifts feel heavy. You find yourself training harder during the times you are stressed and risk getting

Stronger and Better after 50 thanks to Kettlebells!

Martha at 53 years old shares her motivating story of what it takes to be strong and feel good in your 50's. I met Martha through the private Be SLAM group we have for all the people using the program.  When she volunteered to share with us her success with the program and DVD's, I asked her if she can submit some pictures.  I'm blown away by her beauty within and out.  What an amazing role model that can inspire us all.  Thank you Martha for sharing and in response your last line, you are most welcome! " At 53, I like this better and stronger version of myself!" says Martha Kettlebells have truly changed my life and I'm  excited to share my fitness journey with you. My interest in kettlebells and training with Lauren was a very happy accident. About 2 years ago was looking to try something new in fitness. I was always pretty active but was growing a little bored with traditional weight training . As a cyclist I was looking for a full-bod

On The Edge Fitness KETTLEBELL STORE is Now Ready!

Kettlebells For Everyone Purchase any kettlebell or kettlebell package today and receive $5 off with on any or our results driven  kettlebell DVD s and our effective   Be SLAM  (Be Strong Like A Mother) program! These kettlebells have been tested by all private members in my classes , training sessions and me.  After spending 9 years trying and testing different types of kettlebells we have all come to an agreement that these kettlebells are the winner.   Not sure where to begin?   Click here and I'll show you Shopping for a Kettlebell Finding the right kettlebell can be very confusing. Knowing what sizes to purchase and brands to invest in can be very overwhelming. Generally when just beginning your journey you can purchase just one kettlebell. There is no pressure to rush and order several at a time. Developing strength will be an organic process when done correctly. You will know when you are ready to incorporate a heavier kettlebell into your p

Mom of 3 Gets Her Life Back After A Motorcycle Accident

A touching story of inspiration.   Robyn, a single mother of 3 children, was in a horrible motorcycle accident. She was flown 40 yards from the back of a motorcycle.  Her life has never been the same.  Read how she powered through her struggles, needed multiple surgeries and rehab for her broken Femur.  She used kettlebells to make her comeback.  She has shown that there are truly no excuses! "Meant every word I have said.  Kettlebells and your videos have saved my life!" ---  Robyn  Hi Lauren,   I  don't know if you remember me but I wrote you a little over a year ago because I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident.   I had fractured my femur and had no idea what to expect about recovery.... It was a dark and scary point in my life.  I was in very good shape before the accident and used kettlebells daily, even the morning of the accident.  I remember laying in the hospital bed and all I could do was Russian twists and push presses in the beginning

Shut Up and Train Article and Brand New Tank Tops

I recently wrote an article called Shut Up and Train, which can be seen in the upcoming June/July edition of My Mad Methods Magazine  that is on sale now.  The philosophy of this magazine is based upon the concept of Unconventional training.  This speaks to me on a personal level since I didn't grow up in a conventional way.  In fact, I had quite an unconventional childhood and have continued this way in to my adult life.  Many may think this could scar a child or cause instability due to being raised under different circumstances than the typical American family.  Becoming the product of an unconventional upbringing has carried over in to a profound way of adapting easily. Thinking outside the box and has allowed me to embrace these methods of training as a way of life with an openmind.   Shut Up and Train is an attitude driven article from the past 14 years I've been listening to every excuse in the book of why one doesn't commit to training.  It's taken me t