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Kettlebells are my MIRACLE

I’m SO very thankful for this clunk of iron in my hand that I met almost 15 years ago. This iron with a handle on it, literally changed my life forever! It’s responsible for changing and improving peoples lives beyond imagination. This here we call a “Kettlebell” is one of the best things that ever happened to workouts for both body and mind! Kettlebells opened the door to unconventional body weight training. It’s truly just an extension of your body. The Kettlebell philosophy allowed me to shift my “conventional” ways of training body parts separately, to a collective and seamless unit, of full body training. Kettlebell training opened my eyes on how to actually use my entire body as one unit. This game changer taught REAL strength, power, mental stamina, purposeful training and conditioning. This little heavy clunk of iron shaped my body in half of the time I was putting in the gym. Kettlebells allowed me to take the walls off from the gym and go outside. It ga

CONFESSION #6: Self Worth Talk

CONFESSION: Self worth is the basis of how you feel about yourself. It’s YOUR opinion of whether you think you’re worthy, a good or bad person. There was a time in my life I based my self worth on all of the wrong things. My mood was based on trivial things such as the weight on the scale; Was my skin clear enough? Was I strong enough? Pretty enough? Skinny enough? Smart enough? Nice enough? Successful enough?  These measures were in control of my self worth. It controlled my happiness and mood. It was a suffocating way to live. It was a very hard standard to live by. In fact it was downright draining. And for what? Why? None of that should ever be a barometer of the worth of a human being. I didn’t feel that way when I looked at friends or family. Why did I do this to myself? Luckily as I age I get wiser! Being a gym owner (both online and in person), working with lots of people, and in charge of 4 kids, you learn a few things along the way. 😉 Self worth is absolutely none of tho

CONFESSION #5 - Being a business owner isn't very glamorous

CONFESSION : Being a “strength coach/personal trainer/fitness teacher” whatever you’d call someone like me... and business owner, isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Here is my indoor office. In addition to teaching outside, I’m now an avid user of Final Cut Pro, which gives me the control 😜haha... to edit, fine tune and record voice overs for my projects. I’ve been staring at the computer on an off for too many hours to count this week. With a small surfing break in between! Yay for the beach...and kiddos being out of school! I admit, at times I want to punch a hole in the wall from my own OCD and perfectionism that I bring on myself. I also get very antsy and have a super difficult time being confined to one space. Yes, I choose this. It’s the price you pay for wanting to release impeccable content and material. It’s the price you pay to put yourself out there and hope people benefit and love it. Working hard, doesn’t mean you don’t love it, but you don’t have to love all of it.

Nutritional Therapy - Digestive Health

How is your digestive health? Do you struggle with food? Digestion? You'd be surprised which foods can be causing you horrible symptoms such as brain fog, bloating, joint pain, flu like symptoms, acne,  lethargy. Paige Reagan is sharing some of the most cutting edge information about digestion. In fact she's been through it all! Read about Paige below! I am proud to introduce you to one of the newest information packed sections of Lauren's Playground. Members Log in to this section here . Not a member? Offering Monthly, Yearly or Lifetim e option. Nutritional Therapy with Paige Reagan   A holistically focused community outreach initiative that will empower you to optimize your own health through a properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole-foods diet. In this section you will find new cutting edge articles as well as recipes that will be derived from whole foods. MEET PAIGE REAGAN Hello! I’m Paige Reagan, and like you, I am a member of Lauren’s

The Ultimate Get Up Guide - Your Guide To a Super Strong Body

Welcome to the most compr e hensive Get Up Guid e you’ll ever get your hands on. This is your bible to mastering the Get Up. I’ve broken this exercise down into mini, bite-sized pieces so that you can digest them, enabling you to create a beautiful, flowing Get Up. If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing you already know the wonderful benefits of mastering this exercise. In case you don’t know, here are a few testimonials below people have shared about adding Get Ups to their regimen: The Ultimate  Get Up Guide Designed for the complete beginner and strong enough for the most advanced student View from any device 40 Workout Video Tutorials 6 Weeks of Get Up Practice sessions with detailed video tutorials. 6 Weeks of Cross Training Exercises - Video Tutorials. Downloadable written program for each week. Get this FREE included with a Lauren's Playground membership **Now offering a LIFETIME membership special for a VERY limited time. Join no