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My New Favorite Workout Format

My New Favorite  Workout Format   Pop the sound on to hear the super easy instructions of how to plug and play your 2 exercises of choice. Super excited about this new training format I’ve been playing with! It’s SO SIMPLE but holy cow it works really well! This is a 20 Minute work out and you’re resting most of the time. Don’t get too cocky though… It creeps up on you and it’s super effective. Every Minute on The Minute you will alternate between doing 3 reps of your super challenging exercise and then for the next minute perform 3 reps of your easier to medium exercise. You will do this every minute on the minute for 20 minutes. I chose 3 False Grip Pull Ups and alternated that with 3 Double Kettlebell Front Squats. A few ideas for you Push Ups & Double Kettlebell Deadlifts Pull Ups & Goblet Squats Double Kettlebell Presses & Split Squats (will take up more time) Even if you can’t get 3 reps of your challenging exercise by the end, keep going and do 1 or 2 if you

Live Kettlebell Fitness Classes with so much more than a Kettlebell

Try this intermediate strength, conditioning and mobility class out.  We have classes both live in person and on Zoom 4 days per week week. These are recorded and filmed in the Raw so you'll get all the fun behind the scenes, the laughs, the mistakes, the good stuff, in these sessions.  Playground members get access to these once a week or a recording of several per month. Premium OTEF members get access to every single one and most of the recordings.  Here's one we just did today! I uploaded this in to our FEATURED WORKOUT . Normally there's a fee to get access to our featured workouts , but go ahead and log in for free to do this workout while it's still available.  Free Code: loyalsubscriber If you love these, we upload them all the time, plus if you're a member you can show up live via Zoom or in person.   Feel free to email for details.  If you're a program kinda person, right now we have Tushy Toning Transformation being feature