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Nothing too exciting. Several short workouts posted

I enjoy sometimes when life has settled down and there is no big news to discuss. The big family holidays are over and things are mellow.   I have been in a super laid back mood since I got back from Marin County. Going with the laid back theme I have kept my workouts as such. Very short ones as usual.  Here are a couple ones I have done in the last several days. One I got from Ross's training book Never Gymless. Workout 1 (feeling lethargic so eased back in to this first workout on the cardio part) Swings    8kg      50 reps    Suitcase Deadlift  2 24kg's  6 reps Swings 12kg    50 reps Suitcase Deadlift  2  24kg's  6 reps Swings 16kg   40 reps Suitcase DL   2 24kg's 6 reps Snatches 12kg   10 per side Presses  12kg   6 per side and repeated 2 times Rehab for my TVA .  Still feeling C-section pains and that the muscles are not working correctly. ( I will write a post later on what they don't tell women and should after this major surgery)

Another little quickie

I'm all all fired up this morning because I am headed to the mountains this evening. That's right, it's snowboard season.  This is what I use to LIVE for. If I didn't have a baby right now I would have hit the slopes the second the mountain opened. Ben and I will be going up there with Lyla. So we will have to take turns taking runs. So with all my excited energy I wanted to get in a quickie workout before getting in the car heading to slopes. Here it goes! 2 Handed Swings 12kg 40x Alternating Swings 12kg 42x Double Cleans 12kg's  10x Dead Double Cleans 12kg's 10x (tough) High Pull Catch and Squat with a Burpee  12kg 10x  High Pull Catch and Squat with a Burpee 12kg  10x Double Snatches  8kg's  15x Double Snatches 8kg's   18x 1 Arm Push ups  2 per side Ab wheel roll out  10x 1 Arm Push ups 2 per side Ab wheel roll out  10x Stretches with baby and done!   Last season I had just had Lyla and there

Just messing around

After my 3 mile walk/jog one of my girlfriends came over to check out my new little garage gym. My friend and I were playing around with the pull up bar like we were kids. I was also pushing Lyla around in the little radio flyer wagon in between messing around with pistols and swinging on the bar. I then wanted to try a one arm push up. I decided, what the heck, let me give it a whirl and fall flat on my face. Well surprisingly I did it! Then I did it again and then on the other side!  Woo hooo.  Hmmmm how did this happen since I haven't really trained for one arm push ups??  My guess is tension or lots and lots of stress built up. I have been practicing pistols and pull ups for the past 2 weeks, which both require tons of tension.  I just used the same breathing and tension technique to the push up and I actually did it. There was definitely some snap, crackle, and pops going on.   Strength works in mysterious ways sometimes.  I strongly feel that the mind can take over and provid

Under 12 minute workout

I have been feeling pretty good these past couple days. During the holiday season I am not as busy so I have some more down time.  Even though my baby tends to tire me out, I am feeling rejuvenated! Today I squeezed in two mini workouts. Morning workout 2 Handed Swings  12kg  1 min Snatches                 12kg  2 min Jump Rope                      1 min Alternating Swings 12kg 1 min Alternating Snatches 12kg 1 min Jump Rope                            1 min Pull ups           3x Took 1 minute break in between each exercise Evening workout (my client was running late so I squeezed another one in) Turkish Get Ups  16kg   2/2 Pull ups                            4x Pistols            10lb          3/3 Windmills             12kg  4/4 Went through each exercise with minimal rest and repeated 2 times It's amazing how wonderful the mood and energy picks up even with just these short practice sessions!  I love it!!!