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Sexy Strength | Luscious & Lean Kettlebell Workout Videos are here!!

TWO  BRAND NEW WORKOUT VIDEOS are now ready to order! Bringing  you Luscious & Lean or/and Sexy Strength  Kettlebell  Workout Videos available in DVD format or Download/Streaming.  Designed  for ALL LEVELS Shapes Ages Sizes Genders PRE-ORDER  YOUR DVD OR DVD'S NOW . GET BOTH TITLES  FOR A  DEEP DISCOUNT  HERE   OR GRAB THE DVD YOU WANT   HERE .  Reviews are starting to come in from the streaming/download combos. DVD's ship early june Martha Miller   Just did Luscious and Lean ... great workout in which I used no more than 14kg!! This one hits every muscle for sure . Loved it! Kimberly Reed-Tomlin   I got the streaming combo & have done all of Lucious & Lean except section 3, which I'm gonna try later today. I absolutely love it, especially the balance work combo in section 1! Lauren, you rock & I love your flower headband!! Where did you find it? It's adorable on you. IF YOU PREFER  STREAMING  A

5 Reasons You Should Learn How To Use Kettlebells

5 more reasons why you need to incorporate kettlebell training in to your life. I recently had the pleasure of contributing an article to the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) blog, which is backed up by scientific research of how Kettlebell training can be life changing. If you're interested in the article, you can read it   here or just click on the link below. As always, for ways to begin your kettlebell journey you can check out our most basic Kettlebell DVD's or join Lauren's Playground .