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Playground LITE

Introducing Playground LITE! A lighter monthly version of the incredible Lauren's Playground. Instead of access to many all level programs at the same time, you will get access to one effective Playground program every 4-6 weeks.  I am also opening LITE + a Weekly live option as you can see in the comparison check list.  Check out the details below! Due to receiving many emails from people asking me when Lauren's Playground registration is open again, we only open twice a year, I polled the community to see if people would be interested in a lighter version, while they wait. Or maybe a lighter version is easier on your finances and provides less choices.  I bring you  Sign up before August 8th and get a $25 off coupon to own Summer Fit ReBoot , the 21 Day Program, many of us are starting again on August 8th!  join LITE here join LITE + WEEKLY LIVE HERE What LP members had to say about  me offering a LITE version right now to the public.  Playground membership was the best thing