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Meet 85 year old Kettlebell Coach - Wally Chute

Next time you're thinking you may be too old to commit to a training program or get started, I want you to think about Wally Chute, an active Kettlebell coach and lucky for me, a loyal subscriber to my newsletter/ articles. I figured it was time I highlight Wally for you all, to give you a little inspiration, to show you what you can accomplish and how powerful this well rounded training really is.  Then when you're done reading about Mr. Chute, check out a few announcements below! I always welcome feedback and comments. Thanks for reading!  Meet Wally: My name is Wally Chute, a certified 85 year old “kettlebell/bodyweight hybrid” instructor where, in earlier years, I taught  various other classes such as TBC (Total Body Conditioning), Boot camp, and a Medicine Ball class I assembled, where I filled our ballroom with participants (Fun, but still something missing) As soon as the kettlebell gained momentum after Pavel’s introduction around 2001, I knew I could be on to something

Playground LITE

Introducing Playground LITE! A lighter monthly version of the incredible Lauren's Playground. Instead of access to many all level programs at the same time, you will get access to one effective Playground program every 4-6 weeks.  I am also opening LITE + a Weekly live option as you can see in the comparison check list.  Check out the details below! Due to receiving many emails from people asking me when Lauren's Playground registration is open again, we only open twice a year, I polled the community to see if people would be interested in a lighter version, while they wait. Or maybe a lighter version is easier on your finances and provides less choices.  I bring you  join LITE here join LITE + WEEKLY LIVE HERE What LP members had to say about  me offering a LITE version right now to the public.  Playground membership was the best thing I ever did!! I think a Lite option for those who want/need it would be an awesome way to access the programs!!!  Nikki Y. Completely life chang