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Can't believe I just turned 30! (check out video clip)

Lauren with her 2nd baby Chloe, at 6 months old. I'm sure many of you, this probably seems very young, and some of you very old. In fact for the last several years I have been thinking about this day. I had many goals set in my mind that I wanted accomplished before the age of 30. I don't know why it feels like such a big number to me. Anyway the way I pictured celebrating my birthday turned out completely different than I had ever expected. I figured I'd go to Vegas with a bunch of girlfriends and party it up, but in fact I ended up doing the exact opposite. During my college years I had ample time and opportunities to surf, snowboard, skateboard, and wakeboard. It has been over 7 years since graduating college. Once I established my career all my leisure activities took a back seat. But the good news is I found kettlebells. Since graduating college I have only gone snowboarding a handful of times and had the opportunity to wakeboard once or twice. I pretty mu

Chloe's 6 month birthday and a little update on me

Little Miss Chloe exactly 6 months here Lyla wanting to be close to her sister Now this here it true love.  Lyla LOVES being a big sister. (tears)  Okay 6 months!!!!  It sounds like such a long time but it feels like yesterday. There is no wasting time these days. I'm constantly on the move now juggling 2 kids, my business, and of course my hubby.  There is never a dull moment in my house.  I'm still adjusting to two little ones.   As far as my fitness and health goes I would say I'm on a slightly slower road than last time. Finding the time with two kids is much more of a challenge. But I have dropped a couple pounds this month since introducing foods to Chloe. Even though I'm making tons of milk now, it's crazy! I'm at a weight and body fat that I am enjoying. My clients and I all took our body fat percentage with hydrostatic weighing (the gold standard, getting dunked in a tank).  At 2 months postpartum I was 117lb with a 19.7% body fat.  Two weeks ago

Check out my NEW LOGO

I am so excited, it's taken me so long to like a logo.  It's only taken 5 years!   I welcome your honest opinion. Now I can represent the kettlebell community in style and so can YOU. Many clothing items and accessories to choose from here at Cafe Press On The Edge Fitness  store. Right now both colors are available. Email me with questions. You better believe Chloe will be sporting one of these! 8-)