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Next Level Plank for abs, lats, and shoulders of steel

Need a new plank variation that challenges your lats, shoulders and your core ten times more? Here you go! Ease into this one! If this is way too challenging, start on your knees first with a raised surface. Hold on to your elbows.  And for the love of god please keep the “hollow shape” posterior pelvic tilt and ribs in! If you can’t do that for a regular plank, please don’t try this one just yet.  Lemme know how you do.  ANNIVERSARY 8 YEARS AGO  of when I was filming Shut Up & Train with Kettlebells in the Rain To celebrate this Anniversary of the 6 Workout Session Video, all under 15 minutes each. For all levels and a student favorite... Please take 50% off today HERE ! KETTLEBELL QUICKIE LIVE CLASS This will be the last Sunday to join us for Free for a Kettlebell Quickie 30minute all level Workout - with the Squat Challenge in mind. Join us LIVE here