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Stronger and Better after 50 thanks to Kettlebells!

Martha at 53 years old shares her motivating story of what it takes to be strong and feel good in your 50's. I met Martha through the private Be SLAM group we have for all the people using the program.  When she volunteered to share with us her success with the program and DVD's, I asked her if she can submit some pictures.  I'm blown away by her beauty within and out.  What an amazing role model that can inspire us all.  Thank you Martha for sharing and in response your last line, you are most welcome! " At 53, I like this better and stronger version of myself!" says Martha Kettlebells have truly changed my life and I'm  excited to share my fitness journey with you. My interest in kettlebells and training with Lauren was a very happy accident. About 2 years ago was looking to try something new in fitness. I was always pretty active but was growing a little bored with traditional weight training . As a cyclist I was looking for a full-bod