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Lauren's Playground - Online Kettlebell Fitness Gym and Community

During this very tough time in our world with the Covid-19 virus spreading, as you know we are isolating ourselves as much as we can to stop the spread. Due to this, I've decided to re-open registration to Lauren's Playground, an online gym you can access anywhere in the world. I wasn't planning to open up again until summer time, but with all the gym closures, I know providing access to an online gym is what we all need right now. I am also keeping the prices the same. 

In addition to getting our exercise we need community. Luckily we have a wonderful community online as well through Lauren's Playground private Facebook Group. 

If you need a discounted Kettlebell with FREE shipping, I highly recommend Kettlebell Kings. If you use code: laurenbrooks10 you will receive an additional 10% off their discounted prices. 

Why Join Lauren's Playground?

Lauren's Playground has been open and growing since June of 2016. We will be coming up to our 4th Anniversary. Inside the playground you will find over 40+ programs (more continue to be released) designed for all levels of fitness. Most of them are based around kettlebell movements, but you will find some other fun educational fitness and nutrition courses as well. 

We cater to everyone who is choosing to be a stronger and a healthier version of themselves. We have new moms, grandparents, teachers, lawyers, doctors, military, seniors, personal trainers, kettlebell instructors, nutritionists, the absolute newbie... we have a beautiful array of people who choose strength.  The follow along videos, downloadable written workout programs, educational videos, can all be accessed from any device. Many of our students (even those who are not comfortable with anything that has to do with technology) accessed the playground videos many different ways. It can be as simple as accessing it from your phone, laptop, iPad, computer, or hooking it up to you big screen, using airplay, casting it, or pulling it up through a SmartTV browser. The creativity our students from ages 25-80 years old has shared is truly amazing!

Now let's get to the WHY! How about I let my students tell you. Here are some words from a few raving students. 

What's inside Lauren's Playground?

Here's a quick very brief screen share video with me talking a bit about some of the programs you will find and how it works. Can't give it all away because it would spoil part of the fun of exploring through all of the detailed programs and options.



Will renew every 3 months

6 Month Membership Subscription $215
Will renew every 6 months

Annual Playground  - $1.06 a day (less than a cup of coffee) $389  
Will renew every 12 months

 all levels receive 15% off services and products


COMMITTED LEVEL  15 minute getting started phone call 

WARRIOR LEVEL 30 min goal setting and plan session 

See you on the Playground!

If Lauren's Playground is not what you're look for we have other options.

 Take 60% off any Kettlebell Fitness DVD's with code: 60off

If you want access to downloads and programs take 50% off with code: lauren50 


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