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Live on the Spanish Channel

My friend Yoana asked me to come on the Spanish Channel with her to show people how you can exercise with your baby. This was filmed about 2 months after I had Lyla. We had a great time doing this. I hope you enjoy!

Another challenge to face

Well last night I bumped in to my new plyometric box and broke my toe! I knew right away it was broken. I saw stars for a moment. I thought maybe 3 of them were crushed, but the X-ray confirmed only one. With that being said, I will have to modify my workouts tremendously. Kind of bummed since I was just starting to enjoy my freedom again. I believe the saying, "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger". Maybe some how I will end up stronger with this little bump in the road.

Lyla's 6 month birthday today!

We made it to the 6 month mark. This post has nothing to do with training. Just want to show off pictures of my little girl. I felt she looked cuter than ever today. Here are a couple pictures. I guess I am turning in to one of those extremely proud parents already!

Traditional Weight workout in a gym

I worked out with a female bodybuilder today that has won many competitions. She is super super lean and looks great. I love to train different ways. This is what she had me do. Light Weight, HIgh Reps Deadlifts 45lb 8 Roman Deadlift 45lb 8 One arm Roman Deadlift 10lb 16 left and 16 right (a bit too easy, but got my heart rate up) Did all without any rest 3 sets through Renegade Rows on barbells 15lb 8 on each side Push Ups on barbells 5 reps Hang Clean, Squat, and Press 30lb 6 reps (pretty light) Did all without any rest 3 sets through Step Ups on Bench 30lb 16 reps Leg Raises for lower Abs 12 reps Cross Crunches 12 on each side 2 sets Bicep Curls 12 reps Tricep Pull down 12 reps 3 sets I still feel I get a much better workout using kettlebells. But it is definitely nice to switch it up.

I wanted to use the 16kg no matter what!

Today I decided it's time to go a little heavier with some of the exercises. I haven't been posting my workouts, since there has not been any consistency with my training, due to various reasons. Trying to go heavier without training much is not always the smartest thing. But I felt if I can keep my form for 1 rep then that is good enough for me today! So I was prepared to not even be able to do one Here is my short training A. Turkish Get Up 16kg 1 rep on each arm 4 set ( little wobbly at first but did it with success!) Snatches 16kg 6 reps on each arm 4 sets Total 8 TGU's and 48 Snatches. Took longer breaks, 2-4 minutes, so I can have perfect form each time. B. Push ups on Bosu upside down 10 reps 3 sets Pistol Holds (held for 5 seconds at the bottom and came up with 2 legs) 8kg 2 reps 3 sets Morning weight was 111.2lb and 19.1% body fat. Still breastfeeding, so not sure how accurate the body fat scale is if I am walking aroun