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ROCK SOLID Kettlebell Program

Designed to create a Rock Solid Body structure that you deserve.  - PERFECT for BEGINNERS ,  but   STRONG enough for our most ADVANCED students.  - 4 FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT VIDEOS  - DOWNLOADABLE 6 WEEK PROGRAM GUIDE  + Warm-up/Cool Down Video included - Printable Worksheets for easy tracking  This program is available to all in Lauren's Playground or snag your copy here .   $10 off for a limited time! Code: rocksolid  CAN A BEGINNER DO THIS PROGRAM? WHAT LEVEL PROGRAM IS THIS SUITED FOR? The videos in this program are taught to the beginner audience, yet this program is effective for ALL LEVELS! This is the perfect program to do if you're a newbie looking to practice your basic skills to work on becoming ROCK SOLID! The advanced students will benefit from SLOWING down each movement pattern as shown in the video, which can take your training to the next level.  WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? Minimally you will need to have one kettlebell . However, a

Why You Don't Need To Fear Kettlebell Training

Happy Thursday! I can't tell you how many times I've met someone that has never tried using kettlebells the right way, but tells me how dangerous they think kettlebell training is. Some shared how they tried it once and it hurt their back. Or it looked way too scary and they're absolutely convinced that they'll hurt themselves. Others just tell me that they're not in their 20's or 30's anymore and they need to stick to more gentle exercises like yoga, barre and running. I'm not a confrontational person at all. In fact, I despise arguing with people. I use to have slight panic attacks with mild shaking, increased heart palpitation and brain fog when my philosophy was being challenged. I think it's because I'm so passionate about teaching people the RIGHT way to use their body, many times without a kettlebell first, that I know adding some form of movement pattern training with the right amount of load, will do wonders for their body. Therefore

Holiday Sale - Gift Shopping Guide - Up to 50% off

Gift buying made easy!  Take 50% off on all of our workouts DVD's including downloads, streaming,  Be SLAM'S  and our  Pull-up Guide .  Take 40% off training tanks.  We're also offering 25% off on all of our high end nutrition products. No code needed except for the Digital purchases such as ebooks and downloadable workout DVD's.  Code for streaming videos and ebook programs is "holiday50" BEGINNER GUIDE  50% off all  DVD's  and  Digital Downloads . Code: holiday This is the place to start. These videos include the foundation exercises and instruction that can be used for years on end. Although beginners fall in love with these videos, the advanced people still go back to these to keep their foundation strong. The book on the right is your step to step guide on how to do every kettlebell exercise plus a 12 week workout program. All of these DVD's or Digital streaming videos comes with a free rotation plan.  Learn