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Last Minute Fitness Gift Guide and Holiday Class Schedule

Looking for some super easy, but life changing last minute gift options?  Well look no more.  Here are 3 easy instant options you can choose from.  GIFT IDEAS 1. INSTANT FITNESS VIDEO DOWNLOADS  50% off  on All Available INSTANT Downloads HERE Code : Holiday2023 2.  YEAR ACCESS PASS TO LAUREN'S PLAYGROUND YEAR PLAYGROUND GIFT PASS HERE Best Online Kettlebell Fitness Workouts / Programs and Community around! You will receive an email with an access code and Welcome Letter, within 24 hours of receipt, where you can forward this to your loved one or we can send it directly them.  They can begin getting access to Lauren's Playground as soon as Dec 31st, 2023.  **Access code will expire after 1 year of first use. If you want it to be an automatic renewal, please email to set you up for an auto renewal. 3. GIFT CERTIFICATE You will receive an email with the name and amount on the PDF that you can print out on stock paper or sent it to them via email.  Increment

What Fitness Aspirations Do You Have?

Listen up. If I can get strong and my hundreds and hundreds of students can. Many starting at rock bottom, now at the top of their game…. YOU CAN TOO!!!!   Leave a comment or question or your goal below. If you’re too shy send me a DM. Reminder… I was a super late bloomer. I was NOT a gymnast, as I’ve been asked many times lately. I actually laugh because I didn’t begin discovering true strength, until I dove in to Kettlebell training in my 20’s. Despite multiple pregnancies and C sections, I didn’t let that stop me from safely moving forward. I didn’t have a nanny, family near by to help with the kids, I ran my own business, and have been through many set backs in my life, that stopped me dead in the tracks with training. It wasn’t this seamless upward progression. I had to start over again more times than I’d like to admit. Truth??? The basics have SAVED me. The basics allowed me to have mental/physical life set backs and restart without overwhelm. Just in the last few years, I

Calling All My Squat Haters

Would you say you're the kind of person that is allergic to just hearing the word "Squat"? Or are you jumping  up for joy excited to get your Squat on? No matter which kind of "squatter" you are, you should know the ideal squat will look different on each individual and at different times of their life. Some people view squats as the ultimate booty lifter and strengthener. While some look at it as an insurance policy to make sure they can continue to get on and off the toilet, without calling for help. Whichever reason you choose to show up and squat, I get it is a personal decision. I think we can all agree that when squatting CORRECTLY and PAIN FREE, they can be a very helpful addition to any fitness program and any aging body. If you WANT to squat, but feel like you CAN'T because of various pains in your either during or after squatting or just all the time, you will want to take a look at these 2 very short video clips I made for you. If you ROCK at squ