2010 Resolution Workout at Road Runner Sport

Attention San Diego!

On The Edge Fitness has teamed up with San Diego’s leading health and fitness professionals to put on a fitness expo and workout to kick off 2010. The event will be held at Road Runner Sports in Mira Mesa and will include a cross-training circuit led by San Diego’s leading fitness coaches. Click here to register – the first 200 participants receive a free body fat analysis.


Kettlebells: Twice the Results in Half The Time. (Check out this study)

Well I sure didn't need a research study to prove to me that using kettlebells will result in astounding  fat burning and strength results in half the time.  Upon discovering proper movement pattern training using kettlebell methods, it was clear to me when properly implemented in a balanced way, that one can get a killer workout in the most efficient way. Click on image below to see the entire study.

 Training methods that have worked well, will usually result in a mass of people jumping on the bandwagon.  When I first began using kettlebells, it was a rarity if someone knew what this hunk of iron was actually all about.

When I was fresh out of college, I was employed at a corporate gym as a personal trainer. The owner stopped me from teaching the kettlebell methods to their clientele. The owners believed the method looked dangerous and would scare off their clients. I knew deep down inside that this type of training was going to give these people a new found motivation where they'd see results quickly. When you first look at a cast iron kettlebell, because of the newness, naturally people may want to run the other direction. Once an open minded person is taught the correct technique in a very safe, fun, and non intimidating way, people become addicted to this way of training.

In the past 12 years I've had the opportunity to personally teach thousands of people how to use a kettlebell.  It's been such a rewarding experience and never gets boring to me. Each client has been very different and has taught me how to become better at what I do. Little tricks I've learned along the way to teach someone the basic moves in a more efficient way. Kettlebell type training draws in the full spectrum of individuals. Male and Female, all ages from 10-90, Extreme Athletes, Sedentary people, Post Rehab, Pre and Postnatal, you name it!! It really is for most people. Although, like anything.

Now everyone knows what a kettlebell is. You can find them in corporate gyms and many of the fancy gyms all over. The only scare is many trainers who don't know the proper technique are using it with their clients. More injuries are occurring due the lack of knowledge and fault the kettlebell as a dangerous tool. When in fact it's one of the safest methods around when the person knows what they are doing. It's a shame that many of the foundation exercises are getting watered down when taught by someone unqualified, therefore losing it's value.

 If you are new to kettlebells and you want to get the real benefits from them, make sure you get a lesson from a certified kettlebell instructor with a good track record. An instructor that is known for their teaching skills and not just for their own kettlebell skills. With more and more kettlebell "certification" clinics opening up, the standards are naturally coming down.

With all of this said, go head and check out the study that was done.  If this doesn't make people want to begin their journey in to  kettlebell training I don't know what will!

You can view the kettlebell study here  "Kettlebells : Twice the Results in Half the Time?"

To learn them properly and with a solid program we just released OnDemand online kettlebell classes for the complete beginner as well as have options for all levels. You can find instruction and classes how to get started at Lauren's Playground. Or check out my DVD videos, programs and downloads/streaming options. I also offer online coaching for people who need much more of a personalized touch. These programs have helped thousands of people not only learn how to use them safely, but get people to fitness goals of fat loss, strength, and confidence they never knew could be possible.


Michele's Amazing Pregnancy and Labor from using Kettlebells

More and more women are now being introduced to kettlebells. Which means there will be more women who will want to use them safely during their pregnancy. People are clearly seeing the benefits of how it allows the body to work more efficiently throughout labor, recovery, and builds mental stamina.

It's been almost a year since my kettlebell pregnancy DVD "Baby Bells" was released. Therefore I am now getting lots of emails from other new mommies sharing with me their appreciation for providing a no fear approach to continue with their kettlebell workouts.

Today I'd like to highlight Michele Graybeal's email/story. It's always inspiring to read these beautiful empowering real life events.

Hi Lauren,

So I wanted to write to you and tell you that I am crediting your baby bells to my amazing pregancy, labor, and recovery!

I used baby bells my entire pregnancy and did cardio too. (this was my first pregnancy) I actually did your DVD the night I went into labor so I keep telling people that your DVD put me into labor! Thank goodness it did... :) , I delivered on 01/05/2010. People are shocked I was doing that DVD at 39 almost 40 weeks, but it made me feel good to do it! My labor went so well it last 8 hours and I swear I don't even feel like I had a baby. I am up and about with no issues I feel great! Also, my belly is melting away and I am thinking I'll be back soon! As soon as I get the ok from the Dr. I am going to start up with your DVD's can't wait its killing me now because I want to do them!!

Well just thought I would let you know your videos rock keep up the awesome work!!


Michele G.

Michele also went through 8 hours of labor with no pain killers and pushed out her baby boy, who was 7 pounds 11 ounces.

Michele was able to have the mental stamina and strength she developed with her kettlebell and cardio workouts to have a beautiful labor. There is nothing better than feeling incredible immediately after going through the most intense, memorable, and emotional moment in ones life.

If you have a birth story or pregnancy story you would like to share please email me at Lauren@ontheedgefitness.com with pictures.

Our country needs to know that it's not okay to sit on your coach during your whole pregnancy and gain 100 pounds. It's unhealthy for you and the baby, unless you have major restrictions from your doctor!!


Recap of the Jan 2010 Kettlebell Workshop

I had an awesome time at yesterdays kettlebell workshop. A great way to start off the beginning of 2010. This workshop was held at an amazing facility in Encinitas, Crossfit Counter Culture. This facility is beautifully set up for the serious exerciser. There is nothing fluffy about this gym except for the bumping sound system and flat screen TV. Other than that, it's filled with hard style training equipment that's meant to be used for the hardcore exerciser. This is an ideal place to train and I felt right at home.

Every time I teach a new workshop I learn more and more. With so many different body types and backgrounds there will always be something unique I can work with and hopefully fix. Presenting at workshops is such a rewarding experience. To work with a group who all have such different backgrounds, yet come together with kettlebells! To see the proud look on each persons face when they have that moment when something clicks. "Ahh haaaa, so that's how it's suppose to feel. So I do have Glutes. "

As long as everyone had fun while they were learning, then I know I did my part!

Below are a few pictures and some feedback from this weekends workshop. The next Kettlebell Workshop will be for the Intermediate level and will most likely be held in Encinitas.

I really enjoyed the relaxed teaching style of the workshop. I was worried that I would feel intimidated, but Lauren's relaxed style made me feel comfortable immediately. She was very open and responsive to the students fitness levels and needs. I am excited to be starting on my kettlebell journey knowing that I have learned the correct technique that will enable me to attain my fitness goals.

Stacy M. , Coronado Ca

I had a great time! Lauren is an excellent teacher she covers everything. She is definitely educated on the human body and knows what she teaches. Loved the class!
M. Roybal, San Diego Ca

Lauren's workshop was specific, efficient and perfectly designed with appropriate progressions. Specific needs were easily addressed. Individuals each received cues plus suggestions constantly throughout the entire session. Lauren demonstrates and presents excellent real life examples of each kettlebell exercise, as well as providing a specific accurate workbook. SENSATIONAL!
Robin E., Encinitas Ca