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Playground LITE - Workout with Lauren anytime all over the world.

ABOUT PLAYGROUND LITE:  This will give you access to 1  workout video to stream each week, filmed in the raw. Time of the video workout session will vary any where from 15 - 45 minutes. Like Lauren's main playground, these are raw workouts filmed either with Lauren's students (Lauren instructing) and in various locations. Unlike the main playground, in the LITE version you will have access to one video workout at a time. Each week a new video will pop up and the previous video will go away.  Some will be brand new and some will be the most popular from the original Lauren's playground. Note: there will not be a written portion, scheduled programs or downloadable PDF's with the lite playground version. If you want access to hours and hours of programs then make sure to check out the main Lauren's Playground .  We know you will benefit from the weekly workouts here. Our consistent students, regardless of age, gender, previous injuries end up in