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Ever get bloated? It could be a food intolerance

I'm discovering that I probably have a wheat or gluten intolerance. I like to experiment with my body, so I will go through stages of eating only gluten free and wheat free products. When I am strict with it I will notice an increase in my energy and no pain or bloating in my belly. This past week I decided to try the corn tortilla crips from Trader Joes. Normally I look at the ingredients, but being in a hurry I didn't realized the first ingredient was whole wheat flour. I just assumed it was corn flour. Since it was already in my house I decided to eat them anyway. I only ate about a serving a day hoping that it would not have an effect on me. Within 3 days my stomach was bloated. There have been times where I can get so bloated I look 5 months pregnant. The bloating does not happen right away which lets me know that it is most likely not a food allergy, but a food intolerance. Two or three days can pass before seeing any problems, so it can be very hard to pinpoint wha

My humble outdoor gym and todays kettlebell class workout

I'm thanking San Diego everyday for the beautiful weather it has. This city has allowed me to have such a wonderful outside gym. It was a bit over cast this morning which was nice because it cooled things down to about 72 degrees. I know that is nice and cool compared to most of the country right now in August! Here are some pics of where most of my training and teaching happens. Todays workout is below. We had some high intensity music going to keep the energy up! Warm Up Joint Mobility exercises in Neck, Hips, Shoulders, and Knees Light Swings 10x Body Weight Squats 10x Figure 8's 60 seconds Workout Sequence 1 Sumo Squats 12x Fisted Push ups 10x One Arm Swings 10x each side Alternating Swings 10x 2 Handed Swings 10x Rest 1 minute after last exercise and repeat 3 times Sequence 2 Renegade Rows 5x alternating each side Single Squat and Press 6x per side High Pulls and Snatches 10x per side Rest

Lyla's 7 month birthday and SUPER fun day

Today has been such a perfect day. I woke up and actually went surfing!! It has been way over a year since I have paddled out. I thought today would be a great way to celebrate Lyla's 7 month. We took some cute photos of her. Ben was actually able to get a picture of me on a wave. After I got home I was so pumped up that I did a fun kettlebell workout. If you have time try this one. Here is the workout. Single Leg Deadlift with 2 12kg's 8x per side Windmills 12kg 3x per side Swing to Head 12kg 10x Swings to Chest 12kg 10x Swings to Belly 12kg 10x Rest 1 minute Repeat 3 times Push-ups on Kettlebells 10x Clean, Squat, Press 12kg 6x per side One Arm Rows 12kg 10x per side Snatches 12kg 10x per side Rest 1 minute repeat 3 times Moving Plank 4 on each side Medicine Ball Twists 20 No r

Olympic Weightlifting

Yesterday I drove WAY out to MIke's Gym in Bonsall, California. This place is in the middle of acres and acres of land with a gorgeous view. MIke's Gym is based in his 2 car garage which is packed with kettlebells, olympics weightlifting equipment, crossfit stuff, and much more. This is all you would ever need for a hardcore workout. Greg Everett (USA Weightlifting Club Coach, Crossfit Trainer, RKC, and CSCS) was nice enough to invite me to the gym and teach me a couple moves. I would have to say I have never tried Olympic lifts and I felt extremely humbled by them. They are far more challenging than any kettlebell moves I have ever tried. I had a good time trying to maneuver some of these lifts. My body definitely was trying to resist, since it was such an unnatural feeling. Here is Greg's info. Greg will be doing an Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Oct 6 & 7th. You should definitely check it out! Here is the event info http://www.perf

My 25 minute workout today and 10 minute WO from last night

Sqeezing in a quick workout. WIll try and do another one this evening before I train some clients. Warm Up 30 seconds on 30 seconds off 3 times Up and Over on Bosu Ball Box Shuffles Workout Step Ups on 24 inch box holding 2 8kg's 10 L & R Double Snatches 2 8kgs 10 Back Lunges 2 8kg's 10 L & R Double Snatches 2 8 kg's 10 Repeated whole thing 4 times My heart rate was up there. I tried to keep the rests under 30 seconds. This morning weight is 110 pounds! Last night one of my clients was 10 minutes late so this is what I decided to try and do. I need to do this more often because I was surprised I was able to do this at all! Pull-ups 2 reps (woo hoo) Pistols 2 reps on each leg (stoked) Push-ups on KB's with one leg 6 reps on each leg Repeated 3 times