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Chloe's 7 Month birthday and postpartum update

Chloe is now 7 months and getting close to crawling. She is giggling all the time, singing, laughing, and having fun with her big sister. I am still exclusively breast feeding Chloe, which as you can see by her pictures, she is well fed! Lyla is surprising me everyday with her new words. It's unbelievable watching these 2 girls grow up. Nothing is more fascinating to me then to see my own children grow and become little people. Chloe is finally sleeping through the night, although I'm afraid to say this because as soon as I tell someone that, the next night she wakes up! But it might be safe to say it. With getting a little more sleep things are starting to look clearer to me. It's amazing how just a couple nights of sleep can actually give you a whole new outlook on life. My energy is so much better all around. Which is perfect timing since I have a very important project I am working on. As far as my postpartum recovery goes, I would say I'm feeling awesome