6 Weeks Postpartum! Round 2

Baby Chloe is 6 Weeks

Six weeks means I get the clearance to start exercising again!!! Wooooo hoooooo!!!! This seems all too familiar. It was just 2 years ago that I was recovering from my last pregnancy and C-section with Lyla. I have to admit it feels a little more challenging this time around trying to figure out how I'm going to prioritize my life to make sure I actually have the time and energy to workout. I guess now that I look back I had it pretty easy with 1 kid.  I do feel that using kettlebells and remaining strong during both pregnancies, using pregnancy workouts, allowed me to recover in record time.

While waiting to get the green light to use my kettlebells, I used walking as my outlet. I was given permission to start walking (for exercise) 2 weeks after surgery. Walking and the right nutrition has helped me over the past several weeks shrink down to a comfortable size. However, I am hungry around the clock from nursing, so I'm probably eating between 2500-3000 calories a day! My weight since coming home from the hospital has not really changed, but my size has changed, which is more important. The trick is small healthy meals very frequently.  Otherwise I can get in trouble!!

6 Weeks Postpartum with Chloe
Yes they are real!!! (It's amazing what breastfeeding does :D)

Due to breast feeding and little sleep I will have to keep my goals realistic and be patient. My body is going to want to hold on to some extra fat for the first 3-4 months of nursing. I will also have to eat the extra calories to be able to provide enough milk for my very hungry baby that seems to be growing fast. Here is a post I wrote about 2 years ago regarding Breastfeeding versus low body fat. It's amazing how between 3 to 6 months postpartum, most women start losing tons of hair. The same goes with body fat. The hormones finally start to regulate which allow the body to start going back to normal.

Short Term Goals: My focus for the next 8-12 weeks is gaining my strength back. The more strength and lean muscle I have the easier it will be to start shedding fat. I enjoy being strong! My other short term goal is to increase my stamina again. I will also be seeing a Muscle Activation Technique therapist to make sure my muscles are working properly. After major abdominal surgery, with a very stretched tummy from a large baby, muscles lose connection with the brain. It's important to make sure they are all functioning correctly for optimal recovery, to prevent my body from over compensating. The bodies ability to over compensate is the cause of lots of pain and injuries down the line.

Long Term Goals:
6 months out I will focus on several different components. Naturally I would like to be back between 110-112, with a body fat between 14-16%. I want my strength to be where it was pre pregnancy along with being extremely conditioned.

I am so happy to have both of my girls!! Lyla is now 26 months and she is such a good big sister!!

Let's see what happened 6 months later.    


Lindsey Bellomy an amazing RKC

I am so proud to introduce Lindsey Bellomy  

Here is a little bit about Lindsey 

Lindsey Bellomy has the desire to offer FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, & FLEXIBILITY.  As an Officer in the United States Marine Corps she has had a close affinity to physical training emplacing and ensuring the highest physical fitness standards upon her Marines and Sailors.  Lindsey has been training with Lauren Brooks since July 2008. As Lauren neared the end of her pregnancy, Lindsey has enjoyed  instructing her classes. This February, Lindsey became an RKC certified instructor. Her passion is to help both men and women transform their bodies into lean, powerhouse machines as nature always intended. 

My students and I have been so lucky to watch her amazing athletic abilities blow us all away. Anyone who trains with Lindsey will see what a strong powerful girl she is. Not to mention her fun and captivating personality. She makes training very enjoyable, yet intense. I was so lucky to have Lindsey teach my classes while I was on maternity leave.  I look forward to having her apart of the On The Edge Fitness team for a long time. 


My 2nd little girl Chloe Rebekah born on 2/17/09

Chloe Rebekah Miller 

born safe and sound on Feb 17th.

Chloe was a healthy bouncing baby at 8lb 6oz and 21 inches long!!!!

I couldn't have been happier to finally have my baby on me! Went through a 35 hour labor and did everything in my power for a VBAC. Doctors said they have never seen such a thing. Finally had to stop laboring to get her out and unfortunately ended up with another C-section. The good thing and most important thing of course is she is very healthy and it was over. She was so big for my small frame that they had to vacuum her out of my stomach. (Will blame her size on my husbands side!!) Either way, there is a nice story behind the whole thing which I will touch upon later while my disappointment and anger towards this Doctor settles down. So more details in the near future. 

Chloe's big sister, Lyla, welcoming her in to this world

This photo was taken 6 days before Chloe arrived. As you can tell she was a big girl and I was VERY READY!!!!!