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Perspective on the Coronavirus

A few weeks ago my dad read one of my newsletters discussing the new normal and dealing with the mental aspects of Covid-19. We had just been put on lock down and I had to cancel all my in person fitness classes. 

My dad, who is in his 70's, currently works full time as an attorney in the Los Angeles area. Here is what he wrote. 

Putting Coronavirus Time of our Lives into Perspective

By Michael Brooks
When my daughter Lauren sent me her email about living in interesting times,  I was so impressed with her openness and love, especially for the people whose lives she touches, that I offered to write something about her grandparents who went through the second world war in England. I asked her if she thought it would help to put this Coronavirus time of our lives into perspective. She jumped at it. So what follows here are just a few of my memories of my parents experiences during the second world war.

So why talk about WW2 at all! Because for those of us who have not yet come to realize …

The Get Up - Develop Super Strong Shoulder and Lats

It’s no secret that Get Ups can build insanely solid strong shoulders and lats. Adding an overhead squat is just a bonus.
I know Get Ups can look intimidating to the newbies out there. This is why I only teach a portion of the Get Up to my new students and without any load. The Get Up also helps open up your hips and does strengthen the entire body. It teaches focus and awareness.

This is one of the reasons I created an entire ebook/video program called the Ultimate Get Up Guide. This is one I offer to the public as well as have it inside Lauren’s Playground.
If you need the Get Up broken down in a simple and easy to follow format you can access it inside Lauren’s Playground here when you’re a member. Sign up before doors close on Monday.

Or purchase it separately here

The Body Armor Project - 6 Week Kettlebell Program - Build Your Body Like It's a Machine

The Body Armor Project

This program is designed to help you become STRONGER all over, MOBILE all over, CONDITIONED, and POWERFUL.
The workouts are not long. The program suggests 4 days per week.
This program is very special to me. It includes some of my most favorite mobility and strength drills that literally lubricates your joints so you can move better, which helps decrease pain and inflammation. 
The program will also help blood circulation throughout your entire body.  These workouts including the warm up are designed to strengthen your entire system from connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. You will not only feel/look strong and fit, but you'll feel like a machine. 
That's why I named this program Body Armor Project. To build an anti-fragile body you must include self care, mobility, a balanced form of strength, power, and conditioning. 
Inside this program you will find 
1 Follow Along Warm Up with Mobility and incredible body openers - 13 min 3 Follow Along Stre…

Top 3 Mistakes Personal Trainers Continue Make

I've dedicated close to half my life to teaching, coaching, or instructing others how to be a better version of themselves.  Looking back at the first 3-5 years of my training, I thought I new it all. As the years flew by I realized I knew less and less. It was a humbling experience indeed. Fast forward 15 years of working with many types of individuals, I now know that I made a lot of mistakes. The more I learn the less I know!  In fact, it's the students that were my taught me my greatest lessons of making up the teacher I have become.  My pregnancies, C-sections, broken bones and torn ACL that took me to the next level of a teacher. I had the opportunity to teach and watch grow, be my best teacher. After all, the best way to be a great teacher is to teach. Your students are your subjects and you get to apply all the techniques you learn from various sources of educational material. Over the years you get to discover what truly does work for the main population. The folks t…