Organic Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice

So that last 2 days I have been making the most delicious fresh juice I have ever had. You would never believe that there is no added sugar. I was feeling really sluggish this past week, due to hormones, and all that fun women stuff. I wanted to start the day off with something a little different. My body doesn't always do well on caffeine, especially when I feel it needs it the most. I crash hard and I am left feeling worse.

Here is the Carrot and Ginger Juice Recipe

6-7 Organic Carrots
2 Oranges (right from my back yard)
1 inch of Ginger ( I love ginger so I put in a little more)

I peeled the oranges so the white part was still on. I also peeled the ginger as well.

I also tried it without the oranges if you are worried about sugar content. It still tasted awesome!!

And Voila! A beautiful looking juice that taste extraordinary. You can tell I'm excited. I don't get excited by too many things, but I felt great after drinking this first thing in the morning.

I've stayed away from fruit juices because of the sugar. But I feel strongly that one glass of FRESH fruit and/or vegetable juice can only have wonderful health benefits.

Does anyone else enjoy making fresh juices? If so, I'd love to hear about other healthy and tasty combinations.


The past 2 months

I know I haven't been blogging lately. Time just has not been on my side. With my projects I have underway, training clients, spending precious moments with my growing daughter, and keeping my husband out of the hospital I would say I have my hands full. So sitting down here at the computer is a luxury.

I will try and recap as much as possible in the most condensed way.

February started out very rocky. Ben had to be rushed to the hospital for his attack on his stomach. This was one of the worst episodes. He had to be wheeled in because he couldn't walk and was almost passing out from pain. The ER was very slow about everything as always and told him they would see him as soon as they could. 2 and half hours later, you would think he was almost dead, they finally got him the medication to give him relief. Then they sent him home several hours later because there is nothing more they can do. I also had to take care of Lyla in the ER while watching this nightmare happen. I think she might be starting to understand because she freaked out when they put the IV in his arm.

To make a long story short, the next day I had to call the paramedics. I had just finished teaching one of my classes when I thought I would check on him to make sure he is drinking enough water. He was barely conscious. That's when I calmly called the ambulance. It turned out the doctors gave him too many drugs in the ER that somehow interacted with his other daily medicaiton. If I didn't check on him he would have died! So rushing him in saved his life! That put a scare on all of us.
I need to take deep breaths when I talk about this.

Moving on, things have been better since then. Lyla is still being very cautious walking on her own. She will push her toys around while walking and walk while holding someone's hand. But at the moment she has no desire to let go. She is growing right before my eyes. She's not a baby anymore. It's just so hard to believe. 8-(

My training has been very simple. I have just been training to maintain so it hasn't been very exciting. Now that the RKC 2 is starting to get closer I will have to work more on my Clean and Jerks the RKC way. Something I have never had real instruction on. I have seen and tried other ways, so hopefully I'll get that part down before the Cert. By the way, if anyone in San Diego is going to Level 2 in June please email me. Maybe we can exchange some ideas as well as coordinate traveling, since Minnesota is not around the corner.

Once I have finished my project I will be excited to let everyone know about it. Until it's done I have no right to be discussing details. Life is definitely excited and I'm grateful for everything I have!

Saturday's Practice and Food

Here is yesterdays workout which I think of more of a practice.

Warmed up with Joint Mobility 5 minutes and 2 minutes of Swings 12kg

Did the following exercises 3 times.

Pull Ups 3 , 4 , 3
Pistols 2 , 3, 1 per side
Bent Press 12kg 3, 3 , 3 per side
C & J 12kg 8, 8 , 6 per side

Then I finished off with

Snatches for 3 minutes with the 12kg total of 73 snatches.

I don't usually train high reps so I was surprised how nice those 3 minutes felt. I paced myself at around 24 snatches a minute. I'm not training for any thing but I wanted to see how I would feel with that length of time. Maybe I'll try 4 minutes today.

Morning weight is 108. Been eating 5-6 times a day. Here is what I ate yesterday. Not typical since it's a Saturday and I had time to have some lunch by the beach. Couple of people ask me from time to time if I am eating. I think I eat a good amount of food. I have just been more cautious of what I put in my body because most of the food out there isn't really food. And I don't have time to cook extravagant meals. These days with my limited time fast healthy fresh is what I can do.

Breakfast Quinoa Flakes 1/3 cup
2 Organic Omega Eggs
Max Stress B (most natural source of B on the planet)

Snack 1/3 of a Fresh Pineapple
2 handfuls of Raw Almonds

Snack 2 Lean Body Whey Protein Shake (pesticide free whey)
1 tsp of Cod Liver Oil

Lunch (went out to lunch with friends so this is not typical
One Carne Asada Taco, Refried Beans, and Cabbage Salad
And I had Chips, Salsa, and Gaucamole. yummy!

Snack Hummus
Cucumber Slices
Seed/ Flax Crackers (gluten free) Mary's Gone Crackers is the brand

Dinner Organic Free Range Chicken 6 oz
Small Yam
2 cups of Mixed Greens with Balsamic Dressing

Dessert 3 big Squares of 71% Dark Chocolate from Trader Joes. Less than 2 grams of sugar per square.