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  GET READY FOR 4 Intense and Effective Kettlebell Workouts all under 12 minutes, that will get your heart pounding and muscles stronger and leaner. Modifications given for different levels!   4 Workouts Conquer Hero Gladiator Slayer Plus  1 Cutting Edge Mobility  (can be done daily) 1 Cutting Edge Mobility Section that will help get your fascia, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons ready for the training and keep your body   feeling mobile, open and lubricated for years on end.   6 Week Program Guide included to do this alone or mix and match with other Playground offerings. Have FUN becoming a Kettlebell Warrior! Want access to this EXCLUSIVE program and hundreds of hours of other tried and true transformative workouts?   Join Lauren’s Playground community today, registration open for a limited time! Sign up and learn more  here   On a strict budget?  For the first time, I am offering an annual pass,  in a monthly installment format. You will have a 1 year commitment broken down in