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Taking Risks

" He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. "  Muhammad Ali   Putting yourself out there is no small feat and takes courage.  People will ultimately judge you!  Every action we take someone will have an opinion about it.  You have to decide how important your message is and what you are wanting to express to the world.  By the same token, you must understand that there will always be at least one negative person trying to rain on your parade.  People have different opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs.  If you are worried about pleasing everyone all the time then you've lost connection to your message.   Stay focused on those that you have influenced in a positive way.  Receiving positive reinforcement is wonderful, but the true fire of why you will continue to show up, lies within you.  Getting a pat on the back is not why I continue to share information.  When I physically see a person's life change because the

Kettlebells Are Here To Stay!

Let's just accept that "kettlebells" and the philosophy behind this type of training is here to stay.  It's not going anywhere!  For 8 years now I've been receiving testimonials such as this below.  This one came in yesterday and I just asked permission to share it.  Not only do "kettlebells" open the door to an enjoyable and efficient way of training your body. Along with strength and conditioning, it just goes so much further than that.  Pregnant females are raving about the positive effects it has on them.   From increased energy, no back pain, to easy deliveries and recoveries.  I can speak from experience,  since many of you know, I was lucky enough to use them wisely throughout both my pregnancies. It helped me recovery from each C-section with a quickness, that most people thought would be impossible!   Another happy camper: Lauren, I have been using your kettlebell DVDs for a few years now... rotating between Ultimate Body Sculpt 1 &