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5 Months Postpartum update and Sample day of Food

Well here I am again!  It's now been 5 wonderful months with my new baby.  I will admit that getting back in shape this time around is MUCH harder than it was with the first one.  In addition finding the time and energy to do everything with 2 kids has been more of a challenge.  I keep looking ahead and know that I will get to my goals, but have to accept that it's just taking a little longer this time.  Having the second C-section in 2 years does not help either! Since I am constantly hungry, due to the nursing, it's important to have healthy snacks on hand at all times to keep me from gaining weight.  If I don't eat often I get very low blood sugar and even shaky.  I will not be sad this time when its time to stop nursing Chloe, since I'm ready to have a normal appetite again.  I have been asked by many to post what I am eating. Here is a sample of what I eat. It changes daily. There are several extra snacks than normal for me in addition to more carbs.