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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Part of a Community

As humans we are hardwired to be around other humans. We are designed to have connection and the sense of belonging. In fact belonging is a huge part of human survival whether you like it or not. Even as an introvert and someone who cherishes having the space to think, just be, and shut my mind off, I've personally experienced the important value of community. Without getting too sciency on you, multiple studies have shown how hormones such as Oxytocin and Seratonin are the driving force for the need of human connection. I chose to share this important topic with you today because a tremendous amount of people are craving human connection. The beauty of this day and age is you can create connections and find community through in person and online groups. Before I get in to the top 5 reasons here is one recent example of a couple of students of mine who built community, developed deep connection, and friendship. View this post on Instagram

Favorite Booty Builders of the Month

Favorite Booty Builders of the month 1️⃣ Deep Suspended Single Leg Hinging 10 reps per side 2️⃣ Explosive Kettlebell Deadlifts from a deficit  10-15 reps 3️⃣ Elevated Bridges holding a weight 15-20 reps 4️⃣ Kettlebell Swings 15-20 reps Good ole fashion swings will always be in there! Go through these exercises for 3-5 rounds for some proper glute building. Other wise known as Booty Building Don’t forget I have the Ultimate Booty builder programs. One is called the Tushy Transformation which can only be found in Lauren’s Playground (online gym and community)  along with hours and hours of other body sculpting and toning workouts. Grab a spot in Lauren's playground because I’m actually going to be closing down open registration on Monday June 7th by 1p.m. EST so I can spend more time with my wonderful founding members and getting to know my new members on a personal level. I do not know when I’ll open up registration again. If you’re more in to hard copy kett

Find Your Line: An Introduction to Handstands

Have you always wanted to do handstands but you just didn't know where to start? Or fear got in the way? Let Brittany van Schravendijk, Handstand and Kettlebell coach KB Fit Britt , break it down for you in a simple way. You do not want to miss this if you've ever been curious about adding handstands to your regimen this would be where to begin. Start your handstand journey with this introductory course that includes tutorials on hand position, body alignment, finding balance, building strength, and how to fail safely. This program is now available in Lauren's Playground. We've just added 2 new course sections today to this online gym community. This awesome tutorial course along with "Workouts of the Week - My Top Picks" to help you decide what workout to do when you're either in between one of the 35 programs or if you just want to be told what to do! As many of you know I'm closing down open registration to Lauren's Playground in a fe

Am I Making a Big Mistake?

3 years ago my dream came true. I released a gym that people all over the world can access to any time of day and from every device, computer, TV, you name it. I have many of the same founding members from 3 years ago still happy as a clam seeing incredible life changing results being apart of Lauren's Playground. (If you're reading this now we will be re-opening our doors in October  2019 for a few days) Make sure you don't miss out on our announcement by signing up for our newsletter to receive free workouts, inspiration, and special discounts that the public doesn't get access to.) In just a few days I've made the decision to not accept new members all of the time. This way I can focus on all of the current members and the new members coming in, before I close down open registration. I will re-open again in October. NOTE: All of the prices currently listed will not be available moving forward when I re-open registration in the future. The value of t

The Life Changing Transformation from Back Pain and 3 Cesareans to a Kettlebell Body for Life

The Kettlebell Body Life Changing Transformation From Back pain to no pain with kettlebells. From 3 C-sections to a strong body with kettlebell training. Read a snippet of Robyn's story below. This is very common among many women. Many years ago I did an inspiration story of Robyn and her husband David after they both transformed their bodies using kettlebells properly both in person with me and using my DVD programs at home on their own. You can read the old blog post here .... since then they moved and ended up being blessed with a third child and another C-section. It was time to update to show this has been a life long journey. Keep reading to find out! “ I was very fearful of trying Kettlebells because of my weak back and pain I had experienced. Lauren explained how it can strengthen my back so I took a private class with Lauren a few months before becoming pregnant with my second child and began using her Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with