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4 Month Update on a Plant Based Diet (Almost Vegan/ Vegetarian)

I never thought in a million years I would be where I am now with my current eating.  Being in the fitness industry for so long and surrounded by lean bodybuilders and athletes, I was convinced that we absolutely had to get our protein from meat or animal sources to sustain energy and physique.  I thought that if I were to ever give up animal protein I would not be able to have a lean body, would get weak, and become deficient.  Growing up, I always loved and cared for animals but chose to not think about the treatment of certain animals before I put them in my mouth.  I worked in a fine dining restaurant when I was 18 years old, where most of the dishes were rack of lamb, duck, pork chops, quail, steak and prime rib.  We were encouraged to try all the dishes so that we could properly describe the tastes to our guests and pair them with the appropriate wine.  I always felt so strange eating each bite but looking around me, no one else seemed to feel strange, so I did my best not to thi

Linda's Favorite Full Body Workout

Here is another super fun strength and conditioning workout.  We did this the other day in the kettlebell class .  Most of my ladies were using 16, 20, and 24kg kettlebells.  Men were using 24, 28, 32, and 36kg.  For the swings almost everyone was using at least a 24kg. This is meant to be used with a heavy kettlebell.  However, if you have a hard time lunging properly I prefer you go light or without a bell to have great form.  Form is first, then load yourself up only if you can keep your form flawless! Warm Up -  Down dog to Plank Hold x 5,  BW Turkish Get Up 3 per side, Prying Squats x 8 Workout - Go through each exercise and perform the amount of reps prescribed.  For example. 6 Back Lunges each side, 6 Front Lunges, 6 Pull Ups etc..  Swings will always be 20 reps.  Then start over again to 5 Back Lunges. Ladder Reps  6,5,4,3,2,1  - if you are a beginner start at 5 or 4 reps instead of 6.  Back Lunges (hold kettlebell in rack position and step back with the opposite

Super Strong and Effective Workout

I thought I'd share a workout that my super strong kick ass class did this week.  It was a beautiful day outside here in Encinitas at around 68 degrees.  This was the class design.  Feel free to give this a shot.  Part 1: Partner you go I go.  Go through each exercise back and forth with your partner.  First round you will do 2 reps of each then your partner will go, then 4 reps of each then your partner, 6, 8, and finally 10!  2 Kettlebells needed.  Push Ups on Bells Double Front Squats Double High Pulls Double or Single Stationary Lunges While your partner is working you are lightly stretching your hip flexors, glutes, or chest in between.  Reps 2,4,6,8,10.  Your partner is really there to pace yourself. If you try this alone take rests as needed so you can go in fresh. Let me know how you do. Part 2: Pull - Ups or Rows 75% Planks - 30 seconds Snatches  5,4,3,2,1 Repeat 2-3x Many of my ladies were snatching 20kg's with ease.  Katie Dawers at only 123 pounds was