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Happy Thanksgiving Fat Blast Workout #2 (Under 20 minutes)

Video is now up.  Here is the simple, yet very effective fat burning workout also written out for you.  Expect to burn up to 20 calories per minute!  This workout is NOT designed to teach.  Be sure you have the proper kettlebell technique down before performing any online workouts.  Perform at your own risk!! If you are just learning how to jump rope or are not good at it, this is the perfect way to start.  Jumping rope is a very efficient way to increase your metabolism, build stamina, and condition your whole body.  You can start as slow as you need to.  For those who are experienced practice speed jumping as fast as possible and/or even perform double unders during the short duration of work.  If you do not have a jump rope yet, you may do Jump Squats with or without your suspension trainer for a modification.  I personally like the ultra speed cable ropes from Suggested Kettlebell Sizes in kilograms not pounds for this particular workout. Female

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