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Be SLAM (Strong Like a Mother) Remastered

Be SLAM Remastered 12 Week Follow Along Workout Video and Written Program to make you stronger and leaner than ever before Doors are now open - but hurry... we close in 6 days Be SLAM Intro Behind the curtains and what it's ALL ABOUT! You asked.....I delivered. You all know that I am committed to members of Lauren's Playground both new and old, and I finally was able to complete something you have all been asking for... Be Strong Like A Mother....REMASTERED Registration is now open! But only for 7 days.  Learn more and sign up here   I am SO EXCITED to be releasing the remastered version of one of the most popular 12 week workout plans of my career, Be Strong Like A Mother (Be Slam). What does remastered mean? I have taken the original Be SLAM ebook and not only updated many of the exercises but it now includes follow along videos and a printable progress tracking sheets. Many of you asked me to update this program from a written format to a work along video format. All of th