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My Thoughts Around Turning 40 Years Old - Today is my 40th Birthday

40 trips around the sun has finally come. If I’m being completely transparent with you, I’ve had a lot of anxiety and mixed emotions leading up to this day.  Here I am. Heart is pounding as I write this. Because the truth is I’m showing up stronger, fully alive, yet more vulnerable than ever . I’ve firmly established my identity and earned my place under the sun . Helping more people than ever hunt their goals and turn their dreams into realities . The secret is out.  This year is going to be better than ever. So much goodness. I can’t wait to share my upcoming projects that will bring transformation to peoples lives. I look forward to strengthening relationships and creating new ones. I will continue to crush my own goals and set new ones. I’ve set the bar high and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Here I am at 40. Now stronger both inside and out. Loves more deeply than ever. A believer in impossible things. Comfortable in my own skin.  No longer feels the n

Russian Push-ups and Getting Started With Basic Push-Ups

Are you struggling with push-ups like 97% of the students who first come to see me? Do you feel your abdominals engage throughout your push-up? If you're struggling like most of the world, I've created a really SIMPLE free tutorial for you. You can access it right here .  Just click the purple "register FREE" button once you're brought to the course. Sign Up or Sign in - if you're currently a member or have ever used any of our streaming or download videos - and you're in! Let's get you started on the right track! In the mean time, for my advanced push-up students, give this push-up variation a whirl. Let me know what you think!  Sooo I tried a new push up variation this week. 😬 It felt really good! I believe this one is called “Russian Push Ups”.  It’s one of the many progressions toward the bigger goal I’m finally seriously working towards. Many of you, who’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, know I’m working towards

Introducing ..... The NO ARM Kettlebell Swing

INTRODUCING..... The NO ARM KETTLEBELL SWING!  I’m so freakin exciting about this exercise and let me tell you why!!! 1. It’s an incredible teaching tool for people who love to use their arms instead of their hips! 2. Since I’m obsessed with showing people how to work around injuries, this is absolutely perfect for people with a broken hand, recovering from shoulder surgery, tends to use their neck due to using their arms too much, and people who fear that they may hurt their shoulder from swings. This takes the arms out 100%! 3. This is perfect for people who squeeze the crap out of the handle too hard. Some don’t know how to relax their grip. Much of this is due to not trusting their hips! This drill will take care of it! 4. Fast self-correction. If you’re not using your hips and following through correctly with an actual Glute SQUEEZE at the top, the bell ain’t goin’ no where. Okay that’s slang for your kettlebell will have NO POWER. I created the No Arm S