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Kettlebell Fun with Figure 8's and Pass Arounds

  Challenging the brain and CORE with FUN kettlebell moves Here are some ways to add to your workouts or put your lighter bells to use. Figure 8’s Figure 8’s to Hold Pass Around to Cleans Alternating Pass Around to Cleans Pass Around to Clean and Press A few samples of how to add in some kettlebell fun! Let me know what your favorite kettlefun drills are! Before you know it, you’ve worked your brain, core, entire body, and your heart rate is pounding. For all the members in Lauren's Playground you'll find some of these KB Fun drills inside Spring Fever If you like challenges, why don't you try one of our SUPER POPULAR WORKOUTS Maximus Destroyer from Kettlebell Incinerator for FREE   here in our FEATURED WORKOUTS - just this week only!  I f you've logged in our system before with a challenge or own any of our programs, just simply sign in versus sign up. Let me know what you think! AND DON'T FORGET THE GET UP WORKSHOP - 3 spots left We have 3 SPOTS LEFT in The Min

Kettlebell Get Up Workshop - Live with Lauren Brooks

Did you know the Turkish Get Up is well known for building powerful and resilient shoulders? However, there is so SO MUCH more to the Get Up than just amazing shoulders. The Get Up strengthens and connects the entire body from head to toe.  This exercise will magically transfer over to get you stronger in everything you do, including push-ups, presses, snatches, pull ups, lunges, most sports, and life.    The Get Up will Strengthen, Connect, and Improve Your entire Core & Abs Hip Mobility Lat Strength and connection Obliques Entire Legs and Butt Ankles and Feet Grip and Wrist Strength Proprioception enhancement (Which basically means that you will heighten your body awareness throughout the entire movement.) The Get Up will help you turn back the clock in your aging process. One of the ways that separates us from a healthy or unhealthy individual, feeling old versus young, is being able to get up off the floor safely. Having a resilient and anti-fragile body. The Get

Be SLAM (Strong Like a Mother) Remastered

Be SLAM Remastered 12 Week Follow Along Workout Video and Written Program to make you stronger and leaner than ever before Doors are now open - but hurry... we close in 6 days Be SLAM Intro Behind the curtains and what it's ALL ABOUT! You asked.....I delivered. You all know that I am committed to members of Lauren's Playground both new and old, and I finally was able to complete something you have all been asking for... Be Strong Like A Mother....REMASTERED Registration is now open! But only for 7 days.  Learn more and sign up here   I am SO EXCITED to be releasing the remastered version of one of the most popular 12 week workout plans of my career, Be Strong Like A Mother (Be Slam). What does remastered mean? I have taken the original Be SLAM ebook and not only updated many of the exercises but it now includes follow along videos and a printable progress tracking sheets. Many of you asked me to update this program from a written format to a work along video format. All of th

Enrollment is closing for Lauren's Playground closes tonight!

Here we are, in the final hours before the doors to Lauren's Playground closes again for another six months.   I’ve told you everything you need to know.   I’ve given you a peek inside.   I offered my time and guidance with the 21 Day Squat Challenge.   Now it is your turn.     Sign up for   Lauren's Playground  before your chance is gone.    I am only open membership to Lauren's Playground two times this year so that I can personally connect with every member and continue to create content.  I also create new programs frequently and weekly live classes for my members via Zoom (or locally if you live in the Southern California area). Once you join Lauren's Playground, you too will start to see results if you stay consistent and listen to your body.  Lauren's Playground is about community, about safety and about growth.  This is not an online gym that believes in pushing you too much. So come on, and join me on the Playground and play with the digital downloads,

Do you make these same excuses?

Recently I conducted a group participation exercise in the private members only Lauren's Playground facebook group. The answers are too good not to share. I asked my members to share excuses they have made in the past to NOT show up to exercise and then to follow up with how they were so very wrong. To be perfectly transparent I have also used a number of these to not show up for myself. As a busy working mom of 4 kids and 2 dogs,  I totally get what it's like. Before I get in to the common excuses we all make, I wanted to highlight a comment that was just posted last night by one of our members who is 63 years old that literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this post with our group Peggy E. I can't tell you how happy I am that you can ski with your grandson after a 30 year hiatus! Truly remarkable!  Here's what Peggy said. I have been faithfully working out with Lauren's Playground for over a year now - mostly having fun trying out the hu