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Kettlebells For Women: Workouts For Your STRONG, SCULPTED & SEXY Body

That's right ladies!   Strong, Sculpted & Sexy is just what will happen when using kettlebells the right way with a properly designed program.  This book will guide, teach, and show you how, when, and why we use kettlebells.  It will also explain why most females do not need to be using tiny, fluffy weights.  Women are astounding themselves on a daily basis with the strength and conditioning they are developing from the proper exercises designed in a safe program.  My clients, friends, colleagues are over the moon with the results. At the present moment I have never had any cosmetic surgery.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it and that's a personal choice that is none of my business.  But I don't want to give people a false sense of reality so I have accepted my flaws.  It's more real when you are trying to aspire to a real person with natural imperfections.  This is not a fake photo of a young girl who has had plastic surgery from he

Getting Started with Kettlebells: How to Buy, Learn & Train

Getting Started with Kettlebells: How to Buy, Learn & Train by Lauren Brooks   Now that kettlebell training has become popular with fitness professionals, the mainstream population is finally catching on.  Seven years ago, when I picked up my first kettlebell , it was rare to find anyone who even knew what a kettlebell was. I remember for years explaining it over and over to my friends, new clients, other personal trainers, and family members. People still referred to them as “cow bells” or “kettle balls.” Someone once asked me how my “cow balls” were doing. I have to admit I had a real hard time keeping a straight face.   These days I’m happy to say I don’t have to explain what kettlebells are as frequently, and people are slowly starting to call them by the correct name.  Unfortunately, like any fitness tool that becomes popular it tends to get very watered down. Fly by night kettlebell certifications are constantly popping up as well as new kettlebell brands, sha

I'm Only Human

I write this post today to share with you my imperfections, challenges, and personal struggles that I've been going through.  I understand being open puts me at risk for people to judge me.  Some will love me, some may hate me.  That's what makes the world interesting, right?  Life would be too dull if everyone shared the same opinions and personalities.  We simply can't relate to everyone.  I often have to remind myself that pleasing everyone is a battle that can't be won. This year has been packed full of changes for me.  Some very good, exciting, and many challenging.  My first change was an experiment with my foods.  I decided to take 100% animals out of my diet and see how I could survive on a healthy mostly gluten free vegan lifestyle.  During my experiment I researched the hell out of plant based living and thriving without animal proteins.  After all I was eating close to a Primal/Paleo type lifestyle before embarking on this journey.  It was quite a shift fo