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How Kettlebells Changed My Life

This week I asked my students and followers "How has Kettlebell training changed your life?" Here are some of the responses. If you want to see the video responses check them out here . It's kind of fun!  Loved these answers from people! I WAS OVERWEIGHT, IMMOBILE, UNHEALTHY POWER LIFTER. NOW STRONGER, FIT, MOBILE AND HEALTHY!    @maass_moves Kettlebells have changed my mind to what I can achieve. Not only my training, but also MY LIFE!  @Ellzzbelzz Kettlebells are like the missing piece to my strength puzzle! I m more in tune with my muscles.             @ladyvolsrock Kettlebells got me interested in lifting weights!  Lee. U More confidence in myself that I am strong, happy and healthy!  J. Pirofalo  Strengthened my glutes & core thus ridding myself of back pain! Now I'm a kettlebell trainer!  Robin S. Stronger, more confident, and defined in places I didn't know I could be.  Marcy M.  Life Changer.  I've always been VERY insecure about my body image. Ket