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Kettlebell Sport (Soft style) versus Hard Style Kettlebell Training

I had the honor of filming some awesome stuff with Brittany from . More info on that soon which will be coming to   Lauren's Playground ... 😉 However, while we were waiting for a loud truck to leave we decided to film this last minute. We both agreed it would be important to show the differences between the two main kinds of kettlebell styles out there . I personally use hard style due to the power aspect of it and its efficiency in taking care of business in a short amount of time, which is primarily done in all my DVD's and Streaming videos . But make sure to read Brittany’s description below. Brittany wrote a beautiful description on the differences as well as demonstrates the KB Sport style with finesse and grace. Read her description below. “KETTLEBELL SPORT VERSUS HARDSTYLE featuring and written world champion in Kettlebell Sport  Brittany Van Schravendijk Both of these styles have their place. What is the goal of training? KB SPORT: efficie

End of An Era

Blown away by the influx of messages I’ve received since my recent video “Closing Chapters and Success stories” and closing an important chapter in my life. Watch the video above to see the response from the first video I released 2 days ago. "Closing chapters and success stories" if you haven't seen it you can find it here .    I was in tears reading some of the emails. Since taking a risk and outwardly discussing the trials and tribulations I encountered with spreading this passion, the DVD orders haven’t stopped coming in. More importantly people are transforming their bodies from the outside in and inside out with this type of training.  I will not stop offering new programs and videos right now, especially in Lauren’s Playground . I’m offering a very special offer right now of $1000 off, 1 hour coaching call, and a signed copy of my book when you become a Lifetime Playground member . Temporary $1000 off Discounted link is here Our C

Closing Chapters and Success Stories

Closing chapters and success stories.  When you know you just know. I don’t care if people tell you it’s not going to work. If there is something calling you, go for it. Listen to my story.  I was so nervous I totally forgot to show the 12th DVD I created in 2010. Lol! You’ll see it in the store. It's Kettlebell Workshop with Z-Health.  Thanks for all of your support! I love you! I am running a HUGE CLEARANCE SALE on every single one of my 12 Kettlebell DVD's. Just DVD's. Take 60% off this weekend! Code: 60off Grab the DVD's while they last. I will not be ordering more. 60% off. Code: 60off SHOP HERE I'm blown away by the responses to the point I made a follow up video to this called "End of an Era" you can see the video and post here

Intro To Kettlebell Fitness Workshop

Live in Person - Learn how to move well, become strong, conditioned, eliminate pain in a safe and welcoming environment. Why learn how to use Kettlebells from a professional kettlebell educator and movement specialist? First off Kettlebell training can look very intimidating. This will be a safe atmosphere for the complete beginner or for those who've had some experience but want to make sure their form is dialed in. Why is Kettlebell Fitness for EVERYONE? Because moving your body is for everyone. Motion IS Lotion. If you have aches and pains, I will teach you proper movement patterns to help eliminate them. You will learn how to increase muscle strength in your entire body with 5 basic movements that will last you a life time.  In this Introduction to Kettlebell Fitness Class I will show you how 1. Kettlebell training builds a rock solid core. 2. You can achieve the same cardiovascular effects of running with little to no impact. 3. Kettlebell training has r