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Free Kettlebell Workout - Under 5 minutes

Try this quick FREE Intermediate Kettlebell Workout on for size.  Grab 3 size kettlebells. I used an 8kg, 12kg and a 16kg from Kettlebell Kings The workout
1 Arm Swing 5 per side - Heavier
1 Arm Snatch 5 per side - Medium
Bottoms Up Clean to press to Squat 3 per side - Lightest Go through this 2-3 times without stopping. Form first as always. Share this if you love helping others stay in shape in a short amount of time!

If you want Beginner workouts try my videos or DVD's Shut Up & Train, The Kettlebell Body, Sexy Strength and Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells. More info here Or try a Beginners workout for free here. Code: loyalsubscriber Streaming videos, program, ebooks and worldwide bootcamps can be found here

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Success?

How Squats and training bring Republicans and Democrats together

Our country may be extremely divided, but something I get to witness daily are Democrats and Republicans Squatting together. Yep and they don’t even fight. They squat together with love and respect. Some for 10+ years and then they go have coffee together afterwards. Maybe more people just need to train together so we can bridge this HUGE gap of divisiveness!

Can we all agree on something? Squatting is amazing and helps with mobility, strength and improves the quality of life. Personally, I find that hanging out in the bottom of the squat position feels like heaven. Please don’t stop squatting or choose not to learn due age or some theory that squats are bad. The only squats that are bad are bad squats or the ones you’re not doing! 

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