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Simple Egg Muffins for Kids and Grown Up Kids (Gluten Free)

I must admit going from 2 kids to having 4 kids was not a breeze. Especially when each of them are picky eaters. Sometimes I find myself making 4 different dishes. Oy vey! I know I could just send them to bed hungry if they don't eat the one dish I make. But I can be a softy at times. I want to find what the kids enjoy! Now I'm finding dishes that are healthy that will sustain them for a few solid hours! The simple egg muffins have become a staple in our house. Our pickiest eaters want them. They  keep well and you just reheat in moments and bam you've got an incredible breakfast or snack on the go. We began this journey with making an egg muffin with organic cheese, organic cooked turkey bacon and organic free range eggs. Lyla and Chloe wanted to make these for everyone so here is how it's done! I tried to keep this around 2 minutes so there are portions sped up. I find it super cute, but again they're my kids. Don't expect you to. :) Maybe this will i

More Glute Recruitment with a Deeper Hinge

A Deeper MODIFIED SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT  Many months ago I shared with you all a Modified single leg deadlift that allowed you to use your non-working foot to help stabilize. This newer exercise has been paramount for those who were never able to enjoy the benefits of Single Leg Deadlifts and for those aspiring to have a deeper hinge.  This modification has been a game changer to say the least. Time to take your hinge to a deeper level. Enjoy the power of your strong glutes when putting this exercise into your program. Watch your current Single Leg Deadlift improve as well.