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Even Small Changes in Nutrition Can Make A Big Difference!

Reading about nutrition and educating my clients is a true passion of mine.  I absolutely love designing nutrition plans thanks to the ongoing success that my clients and I have continued to see.  One of the most common phrases I hear from my clients is, "It doesn't even feel like a diet."  That makes me smile because it lets me know that they "get it."  I have collected an array of testimonials that I have not had the chance to share yet.  I will, however, begin by featuring one person at a time.  This month I wanted to highlight a fitness professional that started out on my program already lean and fit, which can sometimes be the most challenging.  She came to me because she wanted to be a little bit more lean.  We discussed that since she was starting with such a low body fat, her body might resist losing any more weight.  It's very common for people to lose a lot of weight in the beginning and then have trouble with the last 5-10 pounds.  Many people jus

Ultimate Body Sculpt with Kettlebells DVD - VOLUME 3

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 24 HOUR SALE! GRAB OUR INTENSE ULTIMATE BODY SCULPT AND VOLUME 3 STREAMING and DIGITAL COPY TODAY FOR %60 OFF. THIS SALE WILL EXPIRE TOMORROW! HARD COPY DVD HERE! Code: anniversary if it doesn't show up discounted in your cart. "I received my Xmas early to my surprise I  got volume 3 in the mail yesterday 12-20-10.   I couldn't wait to watch it.   On a scale of  1-10 its definitely a 10+ . 1). Scenery beautiful wish I was there 2). Production quality perfect must be HD 3). Music makes me want to put ketttlebell down and dance 4). Workout (Amazing!, Wow!, Great! you thought of everything!!!) I did it this morning I couldn't wait any longer. Boy did I feel powerful  and strong when I finish. I know I will finally get the six pack I  always wanted now. my hero Lauren. Thanks again for another out of the box dvd " Paddy C. Chicago     The Ultimate Body Sc

The Truth About Bottled Water

This article appeared in the October issue of My Mad Methods Magazine .  Click on the image to read. Enjoy!   To read more about how good water has changed our lives you can view an older blog post right here .

Lauren Brooks Interview in MyMadMethods Magazine

I was recently interviewed for a new magazine called MyMadMethods.  It's an awesome magazine filled with cutting edge information including workouts, articles, nutrition tips and more. Contributions come from some of the most widely respected trainers around. Below is my interview that appeared in the magazine.  In this issue I also wrote an article about "The Truth About Bottled Water".  I will try and get permission to post this one up as well, since I feel it's necessary for everyone to read.   You can purchase hard copies of this magazine online at   Click on the image to read this little interview.

We always welcome Feedback

Happy Holidays!  First I'd like to thank everyone for the continued feedback we have received. You can either email your comments directly to , leave a comment below,or you can leave feedback/comments/testimonials in any of these areas when you send your email.  Customer Service Feedback Nutrition and or Training Program Design Comments Workout DVD's (UBSC Vol. 1, 2, 3, BabyBells, or Workshop DVD) Nutrition Product Feedback Kettlebell Classes BuggyBellz Classes Review Lauren's Instruction    Review Della's Instruction Thank you!