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3 Easy Ways to Stick To Your Goals

I wanted to quickly share with you some very important tips on how to actually stick to your goals. I've been able to take the most unmotivated lazy person that has never been able stick to anything in their entire life and turn them in to success stories. It really is very simple. Here is a typical quote that gets sent to me quite often. "Lauren, I've never looked forward to actually working out before. This is the first time in my entire life I can actually say I love working out. I've tried so many different things. It's a miracle." This makes up most of my clientele both in person and around the world. Forcing someone to be motivated isn't the answer to getting people to stick to their goals. The answer is very simple.  3 Easy Ways 1.  Create the smallest most simple goal that is just too easy not to do . -   This can be something as simple as Swing a kettlebell 10 or 20 times each day. Do them every day and the gratification of

Looking Back - Unleashing Your Purpose

This morning I sat in silence reflecting on the entire year of 2016. Looking back this may have been the biggest year of accomplishments and events I've ever had, other than giving birth to my babies. I wasn't aware of this until now. For a moment I thought 2016 wasn't such a great year. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. I have so much gratitude right now I can't even express it properly. I've now seen what I'm capable of and I'm proud of 2016 and the help I've  offered to so many!  This was also a year of many deep emotions and tears more than most years.  Here is a list of accomplishments and events that ran through my mind. The coolest part, none of it has to do with my weight, measurements, or physique.  2016 Accomplishments and Big Events  - Filmed and released Kettlebell Incinerator video and DVD. - After 6-7 years of discussing, dissecting and over complicating, Lauren's Playground on demand clas