Is It Really A Man's World?

A few weeks ago Frank Addelia, from had me go up to his "Lab" to do some filming for his ring DVD that he will be releasing in the next few months.  He took some footage and some photos of me while I was having fun with some kettlebells.  Really had no idea what he was doing and just did my thing as always! This morning I woke up to find this little video compilation of me doing just that on my Facebook page in an artistic sort of way.  Not use to having such focus on myself in this kind of setting, but nevertheless, here's his work.  I think he's definitely an artist and really enjoyed working with him.  Just wait until you see our funny stuff that we did together!!

His words were "Fitspiration - Beauty and Strength - Lauren Brooks RKC Leader"

  Is It Really A Man's World?


Primal Move and Krav Maga Workshop

For the first time ever, James Breese RKC and Lauren Brooks RKC Team Leader are teaming up together in San Diego to present a very unique Primal Move and Krav Maga Workshop. This workshop will give you an ADVANCED INSIGHT into the brand new Primal Move system created by Master RKC Peter Lakatos and will give you the skills that you need to DEFEND YOURSELF - WHEN IT MATTERS MOST!  It will be very basic fun extremely FUN!!!! If you are ready to have some fun that you can integrate in to your TRAINING and REAL life experiences then reserve your spot now!

You will not want to miss this combination workshop!

Here's a bit about James Breese, who I've had the privilege of learning from while I was in London.  James is the real deal!  He has actually had to use his fighting skills in real life and death situations and has succeeded greatly.  His teaching skills are consistent, friendly, spot on, and just down right get you results!  It's an honor to assist this amazing system and combination you are about to learn. 
James Breese, RKC. UK Director for Dragon Door, UK National Instructor and Director for Primal Move, and Krav Maga Instructor.  James will be holding Primal Move instructor courses and certifying people now!
James Breese is the UK Director of Operations for Dragon Door and Primal Move. He was invited by Master RKC Peter Lakatos to join the international Primal Move team after working extensively with him promoting the RKC in the UK and was one of the very first people to have completed the Primal Move National Instructors course in February 2012.
A serving Riot Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police Service in the notorious region of Brixton, Central London, James understands the importance of a holistic approach to fitness - he trains a diverse spectrum of people: Including pensioners, athletes of all levels, executives, beginners and serving specialist firearms and riot officers. James helps achieve their unique fitness goals using RKC training principles and allows them to perform to the best of their ability, when it matters most! 
Following a near death experience after graduating from the Police Academy James discovered Krav Maga and began training under Expert Level 2 Instructors Joe Ambrosino and Jon Bullock for 5 years before completing the 30 day Krav Maga Instructors course. Having trained in Krav Maga for over 7 years, James is extremely passionate about this particular system of self defense and loves teaching others the same methods that have helped save his life – several times over – and would love to share his experiences with you!
What is Primal Move?

Primal Move is an integrated movement system, where the goal is to create better movement, based on the primal and primitive movements once we all had mastered when we were children. Do you remember when you had no pain when you played, ran, played football, threw a stone or climbed a three? Do you remember, when movement was joyful, fun and you felt the flow?
Primal Move’s goal is to make changes through playful, beautiful and mindful movements. Through better movement you will be able to enjoy whatever you like doing in life. We want to show you the potential we all have in us buried deep down. 
In Primal Move we integrate three major philosophy of physical education:
- Dr. Istvan Balyi's model about the effects of early specialization in sport.
- Functional Movement System created by Lee Burton and Gray Cook.
Our goal is to move better through the unique mixture of unloaded and loaded mobility exercises, strength and endurance practice, while aiming to better movement at all time.
Moving more is not better. Moving stronger is not better. Moving faster is not better. Moving better is better, and we aim to move stronger, more and faster when we have already mastered better.  If you want to see a bit more about Primal Move visit here
Is this workshop for you? Here are some of the things you will get out of it.
  • Be one of the FIRST to experience Primal Move before it takes over America!
  • Discover what it takes to kick another guy/girls ass!!!
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to speed up recovery time and re-discover lost movement patterns. 
  • Anyone who has ever had an injury, surgery, or imbalance that wants to move better to prevent injuries, increase sports performance, and achieve results quicker than ever before.
  • Discover the brutal secrets to defending yourself against chokes, grabs and bear hugs
  • Discover the Metropolitan Police Tactics that Turn your attacker into a cowering wreck without even touching them
  • The Secret to defending yourself and loved ones against knife threats in less than 60 seconds
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this workshop is for you!

WHEN:  JULY 1st 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (If enough people request for Sunday it could be subject to change)

WHERE  Gracie Jui Jitsu Academy in Solana Beach

COST:       Price  $149


Introduction Class for Kettlebell Beginners

Ready to Learn Kettlebells with other Beginners in a private setting?

Come join us for a fun Introduction to Kettlebell Training.    

When: Saturday June 2nd 
Time: 10:00a.m - 12:00 p.m.
Where - Encinitas (North San Diego, California) (Address sent 1 week prior to workshop) 

Price  - $59 (All my workshops are at least $129 per person, but we are doing an incredible special right now for beginners only.)

Ready to see what the rage is all about?
Now's the perfect opportunity 

We are proudly opening up a private 2 hour kettlebell workshop that will allow no more than 10 people!  These spots will be open to beginning students that want to learn how to use kettlebells properly along with other smart training to become stronger, leaner, conditioned, flexible, energetic and of course fat loss.  Smart training will include body weight, proper movement patterns, battling ropes, Suspension Training, and tons of appropriate fun progressions to help you on your way to optimal strength, fitness, healthy, lean body, and energy. This workshop will help jump start your journey with a great group starting in the  same place as you.  Together we will motivate, encourage and most of all educate and guide you.  Once you complete the workshop, and we fill you are ready, you will have the opportunity to jump in to any of our group classes or continue on your own safely.


The testimonials and clients speak for itself.  Look through all the testimonials on my site and inspiration from my blog.  The results show and they show quickly.  When you commit and you are consistent it lasts.  I have had these incredible people coming to me for YEARS!  They just get better every year.  Amazing how one can actually look younger as the years go by.

Small group more private instruction - We are only accepting a small group.  Because it will be hands on and very intimate we only want people who are ready to learn and have an open mind.

Do I need to have any experience with kettlebells or training?

Absolutely not!  That is exactly why we are holding this beginning workshop. We want beginners like you and will take you through a specialized program easing you in to this type of training.  If you are a great athlete you will still benefit tremendously.  We work with all levels of fitness.  You will get incredible workouts throughout, but we want you to leave feeling fresh and ready for more.  This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, however the results will happen very rapidly as you continue you journey in to smart training!

What do I do once the  session is over?

Once you have completed your session and we feel you are ready, you will then "graduate" to our all level classes that are currently offered.    We will also be opening new times as well once mid summer rolls around.  If those classes don't work we can recommend other instructors as well that will fit with your schedule. You can also take what you have learned and apply it to a program on your own if that works best for your lifestyle.  We understand classes aren't for everyone and many people enjoy working out in the comfort of their own home.  Benefits of classes do outweigh home workouts due to the accountability, the friendships and motivation made within the group, and of course hands on instruction to insure your safety at all times.  

Where is this located? 

All sessions will take place at a private residential outdoor covered beautiful gym where everything will be provided.  This is in the Encinitas area, North San Diego County (right by Flora Vista Elementary school).  All you need to do is just show up!  Once you have reserved your spot you will get all the details on exact location.

How do I sign up and reserve my spot? 

You can sign up right here below

If you have any questions, requests, or concerns please email Lauren  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  The results from our clients have been nothing short of phenomenal and outstanding.
Come by to one of our classes and ask them and see for yourself.  The proof is in the pudding and we are very proud of our students.  They all started the same place as you!


Review from the One and Only Mike Mahler

This review just came in from Mike Mahler, one of the first well known kettlebell instructors in America.  Very honored to receive this from Mike.  

REVIEW for "Kettlebells For Women: Workouts For Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body"

"Highly respected kettlebell instructor and fitness expert Lauren Brooks' book "Kettlebells For Women" is a fantastic introduction to the immense benefits of effective kettlebell training. While the target audience of this book is women, Lauren understands fully that serious women should train hard just like serious men. You don't get a great body like Lauren, by messing around with ineffective exercises and light weights. 

The book details which kettlebell exercises you should focus on, optimal technique for physique composition goals, and also lays out several effective programs to get you started. In addition, Lauren, is also a nutrition expert and does a great job cutting through all the nutrition hype out there and revealing a simple yet very effective strategy for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Fat loss is at least 70% diet so no book on fitness would be complete without useful nutrition info. 

Lauren is a great role model and is a product of the system she espouses to others. This is a must as you should never listen to a trainer that can't follow his or her own advice! Pick up Lauren's book today, follow her advice to the letter, and get ready to transform your health."


Kettlebells for Women Book GIVEAWAY and Whey Protein

This weeks giveaway is Premier Research Labs 100% Pesticide Free Whey Protein PLUS my new book Kettlebells For Women: Workouts For Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body.  Which many men are using and getting results as well!

Rules: You will earn one entry in to the drawing for doing each of the following below.  The more you earn the higher chances you have to win.  Make sure when leaving a comment you leave your name and which options you chose to participate in so we can track and give you the appropriate entries.  Winners will be chosen at random by picking numbers using random selection tool.  It is possible a winner can end up winning more than once.  In the case of that happening we will need to redraw for that spot.  We will have ONE winner for this since it's only a 7 day contest.  The more entries (numbers you earn) the higher chance of winning since you can be given up to 6 numbers to go in the drawing!  

Here's how to earn multiple chances of winning.  

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Good Luck!  This contest will end on May 9th.  Winners will be announced on this blog.  If I don't have your email address make sure you tune in on May 10th to see the winner.  Perfect before Mothers Day!  Let's have some fun!