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Carolyn's workout

Today I did a workout with my friend Carolyn outside in front of her house. She has become so strong over this past year. She was doing snatches with the 20kg. I was very impressed. Of course I stuck with my 8kg throughout the workout, except for the Renegade Rows. But I did it with a smile. 8-) Here is the workout Warm Up Sling shot both directions 1 minute Two Handed Swings 1 minute 1. Push Ups on Kettlebells 4 seconds down on the negative 4 times Swing, Catch, Squats 10 times 3 SETS 2. 5 presses to 5 back lunges on each side Renegade Rows 3 times Burpees 1 minute ( only made it for 45 seconds) 3 SETS 3. Alternating Snatches for 1 minute Janda Sit-Ups

2 months postpartum. Kettlebells after pregnancy

Today is Lyla's 2 month birthday. I can't believe it has already been 2 months. She is getting so big. I'm even starting to feel like a real person again. Here is my quick workout that I did today. KB Push-ups 6 x 3 Lat Pull down 60lb 8 x 3 Single Front Squat 26lb 5 x 3 each side 1 minute rest at the end and repeated 3 times Hanging Leg Raises 15 x 2 Windmill 26lb 2 x 2 Waiter Walk 26lb 30sec x 2 Repeated 2 times Plank Hold 60 seconds (core was already tired from hanging leg raises, so barely made it for this one) Stretched

Kettlebell workout and watching baby after pregnancy

Well I managed to get a workout in while my baby sat peacefully in her chair. It was amazing. I am so happy she is letting me put her down a bit more without crying. And i actually got 6 hours of sleep last night. What a record. She probably thinks her mom is crazy swinging this weird thing around. So lucky to have found kettlebells. I don't know what I would do without them. Went through the sequence without stopping and rested after the last exercise for about a minute. I repeated 3 times for each sequence. A. Turkish Get Up 18lb 2 reps each side Clean &  Press 18lb 6 reps each side Alt Tactical Lunge 18lb 10 reps on each side B. Renegade Rows 26lb Alternating 5 on each side 2 Handed Swings 26lb 20 reps Snatches 18lb 10 reps each side (first time doing this since having baby) I feel pretty good. This was quite challenging for me. Turkish get ups are starting to feel better since the C-section.  Renegade Rows are still cha

Eating Clean

I have been much more strict with my eating this week. I already notice a huge difference in how I feel. Some of my staple snacks are green apples and almond butter, grass fed whey protein shake w/ flaxseed oil, hardboiled eggs, and raw nuts. Trying to eliminate simple sugars all together. It can be very tough when you are always hungry and constantly snacking. While breastfeeding you also tend to feel that you never have enough food. I've really been able to track my eating very well with this great online nutrition tracker. It's free to use and very helpful. is what I've been using. I know there are others out there but this one seems to track the foods the easiest with a good amount of detail. My workout yesterday for 3/19 was raised up a couple notches. Already feeling like my strength is coming back. Every thing below were Supersets. I am feeling a bit sore in my legs and upper back. Nothing too bad. 1.Leg Press 90lb 10 x 3

Sunday's workout

Thought I would try to step it up and use the 25 pounder for some of the exercises. I was surprised that I actually was able to do it for some of them. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. As of now I feel good. 1. Turkish Get UP's with an 18lber 3 x 2 Squat to Press with 25lber 5 L and 5 R x 2 2. All with 25lb Kettlebell Push Ups 5 x 2 Renegade Rows 3 x 2 (felt the area of my C-section so kept the reps low) Swings 30 x 2 3. Brisk walk up and down hills with stroller for 30 minutes Thank you for your interest in our cutting edge fitness programs and information. To be apart of Lauren’s unique and motivating online gym experience; sign up here for our virtual gym, Lauren’s Playground , while registration is open! Lauren’s Playground will be open for registration at the end of January 2020! If you’re brand new to kettlebell fitness, access our FREE Kettlebell Swing online class here to get your fitness journey starte

Quick Workout yet effective

Today I did a nice little kettlebell workout in my backyard. It felt really good to get back in to it. I was very shakey because it has been so long. Keeping it short was best for me so I can work on keeping good form without getting too fatigued. Right now just trying to focus on getting my basic strength back. I repeated each sequence twice. Windmill 18lb 3 TGU 18lb 2 (challenging, use to be able to do it with 35lb kettlebell) Double Suitcase Deadlift 2 26lb 10 Kettlebell Push-ups 5 Swings 18lb 20 Single Front Squat 18lb 5L and 5R Walked 2 miles with the stroller up and down hills.

Workout 2

Since this is only my second weight lifting workout it is very similar to Saturday's workout. My abs were a little bit sore from my snowboard session, but otherwise I felt wonderful. I plan on doing kettlebells for tomorrow's workout. 1. Leg Press 50lb 12x3 Assisted Pull Up -90 10x2 2. Leg Extension 35lb 10x2 Leg Curls 40lb 10x2 3. Tricep Pull Down 30lb 10 x 3 Bicep Curls 12.5 10 x 3 4. Windmills 18lb 3x2 Flys 12.5lb 10x2 5. Back Extension 5lb 15 x 2 Ball Crunches 15 x 2 Plank 60 second hold I did not take any rest in between sets except to drink water. I finished the workout with a slow paced jog for 1 mile and stretching.

Snowboarding at last

I decided since it was okay by my doctor to exercise why not try and get a day of snowboarding in. Being in San Diego I am very lucky. I am only a 2.5 hour drive to the local mountains. It was sunny, hot, and absolutely beautiful in Big Bear. Not much snow, but I just wanted to test my body to see how I did. I have to say it felt absolutely amazing to be snowboarding again. I even tried hititng some jumps in the snowboard park. I only went for 2 hours because it's hard to be away from my little girl for more than a certain amount of time at this stage.

First Workout since giving birth

It's been about 6 weeks since giving birth to my little girl via C-section. I have just got clearance to start lifting weights. As excited as I am to get back in to the gym I know I have a long long LONG way ahead of me. Before I got pregnant I was relatively strong for my size. I was able to easily press and squat two 25 pound kettlebells at the same time. I was also able to do pistols (one legged squats), pull-ups, and swing heavy kettlebells. After 9 months of being pregnant, 6 weeks of recovering from a C-section, and little to no sleep I am very deconditioned. I tried pressing an 18 pound kettlebell and my shoulder was actually shakey. Before I got pregnant I could press that weight in my sleep and hold it over my head for many minutes. So that is just one example of where I am starting from. I decided because I have lost so much strength, muscle, and mobility to start back with a variety of traditional weights, machines,kettlebells, and snowboarding. This workout