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Free Travel Workout - Happy Thanksgiving

Kettlebell Partial Snatch - Bridging the gap between the swing and the snatch

Snatches can be frustrating! Today I'm showing you one way to bridge the gap between the Kettlebell Swing and the Kettlebell Snatch. Make sure you have a solid foundation of the Kettlebell Swing, Clean, Press, and Get Up before you do the Kettlebell Swing. Here is one technique I've found very helpful when ready to embark the snatch journey. Grab a KettleGuard if you have sensitive wrists/forearms during the learning process. This will even help if you're doing a ton of snatches, cleans or using heavy bells. Even my advanced students are enjoying them for when they use extremely heavy bells and they want to be comfortable.

Discovering My True Strength (Through Kettlebells)

Discovering My True Strength (Through Kettlebells)  by Kim Marivoet from Belgium I am sure you have people sending you thank you e-mails like these all the time, but I really wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you decided to share your no-nonsense approach to kettlebell training and nutrition with all of us the world over.  I started my kettlebell journey with Lauren's  Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning  Volume 1 just after my 31st birthday this past Summer, and was hooked from the first suitcase deadlift!  Growing up, I stayed active the way most children do: through play. My bike and I were an inseparable duo and I was keen to spend as much time as I could outdoors. As the years passed and other interests took over, the only exercise I got came in the form of two dreaded hours of mandatory PE, the memories of which inspire nightmares to this very day. It would be unfair to say my family lived a sedentary lifestyle, but the fact was that engagi