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Amazing Kettlebell Leg and Butt Combo Exercises

Fun amazing Leggy Leg Combo Kettlebell Workout for you to do on this beautiful day. Don't forget to take care of your precious body during this time of year. Even if it's just a 5 minute session! Happy Holiday Season. Get your kettlebell training on whether it's 5 minutes or 45 minutes. A little kettlebell does your body good! Try these fun kettlebell combo variations alone or as in a workout like this one.  1. Snatch to Overhead Squat  2. Double Single Leg Deadlift to Back Lunge 3. Double High Pull to Double Front Squat 4. Dead High Pull Catch to Squat Thrust For more workouts and free fitness challenges check out our HUGE HOLIDAY sales here .  Take advantage of our holiday sale with 40% off plus free shipping! Details via the link provided. To participate in our squat challenge and giveaway be sure to join our challenge group. 21 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE starts on January 1st. Open to all fitness levels.  Join our Facebook group here