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The Importance of Accountability

Accountability is an absolute game changer. With no accountability you can have the best intention on the planet to improve your health/lifestyle, but if you can't follow through, your intentions mean nothing. Your intentions become a pipe dream. Studies show in real life people are more likely to succeed when they are held accountable.  There are people out there that are naturally self motivated and have enough accoutantiblity within themsleves. If you're in the rare breed of being so driven that nothing comes between you and your training or healthy nutrition, more power to you! This isn't the case for most people! You can have all of the tools in your tool box. Understand the exact path of how to create the perfect nutrition and training lifestyle. You can even have it all at your finger tips. But if you just can't find a reason to commit or have the drive inside, then it sounds like you need an extra push, a bit of a kick in the ole' arse, with motivation

Lemon Ginger Cinnamon Elixir - A refreshing beverage that helps with weight loss and inflammation

This is one of the recipes you will find "In The Kitchen" which is our newest nutrition recipe video section in Lauren's Playground. Today I'm going to show you how to make a delicious beverage that has completely helped me shed the last 5 pounds. The ingredients in this quick and easy elixir not only help you feel a burst of energy but it helps keep your hunger under control while easing any bloating you may have. This also helps with digestion and is filmed with anti-inflammatory properties. It's a magical medicinal drink that everyone should try at least once. For more video recipes check out Lauren's Playground . INGREDIENTS 12-16 oz cold water lemon (without the peel) inch of fresh ginger root cinnamon 1 tsp 1-2 T of honey or coconut sugar