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Fem PMS and Fem Balance Giveaway for Ladies

And the WINNERS ARE Sharon Shiner  said... Please enter me into the giveaway..I responded to you when you originally asked about PMS etc...unfortunately I am greatly affected by PMS w.sometimes severe back pain that makes it hard to train (let alone move!!!)..... thanks Lauren! Sharon Shiner Michelle  said... Could really use being the winner of this one! These workouts are a lifesaver for me....since my late husband's illness and death, I lost the ability to work out after my 13 hours shifts at the hospital....or maybe its just age finally! But the Lauren DVDs pack in just enough to get the heart rate up, tax the muscles a little and do it so quickly, that at least I've done SOMETHING besides hit the wine and crackers! Keeps my weight down and keeps me going! Love your work! Blessings, Michelle PLEASE email On The Edge Fitness Customer Service to redeem your Fem Balance Products and iVersion Choice.  Congratulations!  Please keep us posted to see how you a

My Time in London

Ben and Lyla in front of Big Ben London is a very meaningful place to me.   My father grew up there and shared many stories of his childhood, his up bringing, and always ended in how proud he is of his British heritage.   I've always admired my dad for his simplicity with life, along with his hard work and determination.  Here is a man who grew up in a bedroom the size of most people's closets, was completely content with it, since that is all he felt he needed.  In order to help get him through college he was a London cab driver.  He came to the states when he was in his 30's leaving his entire family and everything he ever knew in his life to be with my mother.  Upon moving to America he studied in Southern California in order to pass the bar exam.  He took many odd jobs throughout process to contribute to the household.  Growing up listening to his English accent all my life was always fun.  As the English would say, I was a "cheeky" little girl and

5 Year Blog Anniversary WINNERS

My first big giveaway to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of my blog has now come to an end.  Today is the day to announce the winners.  The comments that were written were absolutely inspiring and touching.   Thank you everyone for participating.  Since this was so much fun, I plan on doing many more giveaways with various products and services in the future. After going through roughly 145 comments and doing easy math these are the five lucky winners.  I wish you all could be winners, however there will be many more options in the future!  Below are the winners listed with their blog comment they left so they can claim their prize.  Please email On The Edge Fitness to claim your prize.  Congratulations and thanks to all for participating! BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS of my new book " Kettlebells for Women: Workouts For Your Strong, Scultped & Sexy Body " AND any K ettlebell Workout DVD of choice.  The first place winner will also receive a complete per